1. DarK_SaCoR

    Windows Issue with monitor at 144Hz - framerate drops to 48 fps (GMS 2.3.3)

    IDE Version: Runtime: Since the last GM update, I have been experiencing some problems with the framerate, going from 60 to 48 fps when the game runs on a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz. On the other hand, the game runs perfectly at 60 fps if I configure the refresh...
  2. Lord KJWilliams

    FPS using ASCII text characters

    I found this video on youtube, where someone made a FPS game using ASCII text characters for the walls and the floors, as the person is moving around .... Now the question is , how did they do it ? Is this something that GMS could do ? Watch the video : FPS using ASCII chars test Thanks
  3. ZacKow264

    GMS 2.3+ Real fps drops greatly when creating new path

    I have a monster that follows you, using mp_potential_path_object to get to you without walking through walls. As the player can move, the monster deletes the previous path and creates a new one every 3 seconds (room_speed * 3). According to the debugger, this causes a drop in real fps whenever...
  4. Apapappa

    Windows Neon Cleaner (AmazeMeGameJam)

    GAME LINK: https://apapappa.itch.io/neon-cleaner Info: Made in 48 hours and 5 minutes for AmazeMeGameJam GMS2. https://itch.io/jam/amaze-me-game-jam The theme was "NEON" and no special rules that I could find so this is what I made I guess. Timelapse + Gameplay: Jam Comments: Since...
  5. M

    FPS Drop in Fullscreen vs Windowed

    I recently discovered an FPS drop when I run my project in Full Screen. Both Windowed and Full Screen are the same resolution for this test. Full screen = average 200fps (960 x 540) Windowed = average 800fps (960 x 540) I've searched the forums but no luck. Why is there a 600FPS spike? Any...
  6. phillipPbor

    GMS 2.3+ Dropping fps

    I'm going back to the community to talk to you about the, I just followed the part 4 of minecraft game maker tutoriel. Apparently, the game fps kepted dropping to 0 when ever I move to left or right in a render. Plus as I venture forward, fps decrease a bit more.
  7. B

    Windows Fps and gamespeed higher than room speed

    Hello, I have my room speed set to 60, yet the game runs at my monitors refresh rate which is 165.. the game runs at 40fps on other people systems with no real reason as there isn't much going on. I checked the alternate synchronisation method in the global game settings and since then the...
  8. B

    GMS 2: Realistic First person shooter engine!

    Hey guys! So I've found quite a lack of 3-D engines in GMS 2 that actually look good and have smooth gameplay, so I made one myself! It's a 3-D FPS engine that runs on GML. I imported it from GMS1 to 2 after working on it there for a bit, and I'm finally publishing it! Selling for 2.99 USD on...
  9. E

    Performance Issues

    Hi everyone! Over the past few days, I've been doing a lot of investigation into my game's performance, specifically with regard to keeping a steady 60 fps. The debugger & profiler have been pretty helpful, but I have a few questions about some problems I've been having. How much are memory...
  10. VincentHellberg

    GMS 2 Increasing the FPS with room speed but keeping the in-game speed

    Hello everyone. I'm in the middle of a conundrum. I've been working on this game for 5 years now, soon to be 6 years and for some reason when starting the development I decided that the room speed 40 was a good pick for the game. I later learned that this isn't a very optimal room speed. In...
  11. YoSniper

    SOLVED FPS Problems

    Hello all, I am having an issue with a game I am developing regarding frame rate. This seems to be a recent development, so I'm wondering if it's a software issue. I am making a game, and I'm setting the room_speed to 60 in every single room. However, when I test the game, the fps never seems...
  12. Apapappa

     Y.A.W - You Are Weaponized (LOWREZJAM 2020)

    DOWNLOAD (Itch.io) Info: Made in 77 hours and 49minutes for LOWREZJAM 2020. https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam-2020 The game is limited to a resolution of 64x64 as per the rules. There was no theme but I went with some of the suggested ones like: You Are The Weapon - "professional" gun user...
  13. Fluury

    Performance decreases the more levels are generated/the longer the game is played, but it isn't a memory leak/ or instance count.

    Heya. The project I am working on uses procedural generation to generate it's levels. In said levels, NPCs and everything spawn. After the level is done, we wipe the current level setup, and create a new one over it. Sounds simple enough - this isn't a new concept. The problem I am running...
  14. V

    Issue of fps drop

    Hello, The value of fps sometimes drop under the 60 fps that I fixed, while fps_real is always bigger than 1000. fps_real did not drop. I don't understand why it lag, I checked the profiling and nothing is strange. I also checked if I didn't change the gamespeed: that's not the case, it stays to...
  15. zendraw

    Windows FPS and deltatime

    So im trying to make a game run the max fps possible for the player`s display. a guy tells me that the game lags for him being 60fps with Vsynch. his monitor is 144hz do i simply implement deltatime in the project or theres somthing else nececery? for deltatime i assume 256 wuld be enough fps.
  16. M

    GMS 2 3D tutorials / learn the basics

    Hi, I've been using GMS for about a year now having Zero previous coding knowledge. I got my start following along the simple 2d arcade style game tutorials and went from there. I really want to make a 4 player FPS deathmatch game. Very simple 1 weapon, 1 map and go from there, but I can't find...
  17. Salem Holly

    Legacy GM 3D FPS - I need help with vertex buffers

    I'm making a 3D fps game in gamemaker studio 1.4, and I have gotten really far, but recently I've been optimizing it and have a pretty big fps killer. I'm using d3d_draw functions to draw all the walls. At first it wasn't an issue, because I was just making test levels and didn't need a high...
  18. Cyranh

    GMS 2 High FPS, but game is running in 'Slow-Motion'

    Hi everyone, I have a very generic question and very little info, but bare with me here. I've been working on my game for a long time, and it's became pretty big. I've done tons of optimization tweaks and rerwitten tons of code to make the game run smoother. Also, I've included graphical...
  19. Cupid Stunt

    GML Trouble with fps_real

    I'm having issues using fps_real. If I use it to keep time I get a divide by zero error. If I try to print it to the debug console every second I get a non_init error as shown below. I am running the game from the IDE. I would like to use fps_real to keep time in my games in case...
  20. Mehdi

    Android Texture Page

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how many texture pages is not too many for android? Or how many texture swaps in debug overlay? Currently my android game has 7-8 texture pages per level each 2048*2048. Im afraid its too many or too big to work fine on mediocre and low-end devices. Any help is...