fps problems

  1. V

    Issue of fps drop

    Hello, The value of fps sometimes drop under the 60 fps that I fixed, while fps_real is always bigger than 1000. fps_real did not drop. I don't understand why it lag, I checked the profiling and nothing is strange. I also checked if I didn't change the gamespeed: that's not the case, it stays to...
  2. RyanC

    Android Game Runs Much Slower on GMS2

    Back in Feb 2018 YoYo Games changed one of the most important things that made their games look good, throwing away their only edge against other game engines. Here it is. Version 1.4.1788 and above including GMS 2 is now pants thanks to this: Changed frame-timing to now be done via Vsync on...
  3. erryox

    Question - Code Strange things with FPS

    Hi, Strange things started happening with FPS. The room_speed is 60, but the actual FPS is 40-45. But fps_real is much more. In addition, the profiler shows that my code in the game takes only 0.5ms and 21ms takes Finish_Frame (which corresponds to 45 frames per second). Although it should be...
  4. Havik

    Android Seemingly random low FPS on a blank project on multiple devices.

    Hi guys! I noticed FPS issues with my game a while back but put it down to the devices I was testing on being old. However recently I've been trying it on some newer devices (pixel 2 etc) and the same issue appears. I have since then created a completely blank project that does nothing apart...
  5. J

    Deltatime changes movement speed when switching rooms

    In my game I have a menu (currently set to 30 FPS) and two levels. All rooms have an obj_control in them. The jump height/movement speed works the way I want it in the first room, and the delta time seems to work as the movement speed & jump height is the same at 60 fps and 9999 fps in the room...
  6. C

    Question - IDE Using Synchronization while in fullscreen locks my game to 50 fps.

    As said in the title the synchronization locks my game to 50fps when in fullscreen and I can't figure out why. Tabbing in and out of the game fixes the issue which makes it even more confusing. Anyone have any idea why?
  7. A

    Variable FPS over time (GMS1.4)

    Using GMS1.4.1763, finding that when I boot up, and get cracking, I'm getting 60FPS solidly for a while. But the more I work on it in a session, the more I test, develop and tune the more FPS will vary over time. Start dipping 58, 59, 60. Doesn't seem a big deal. Then even lower, low 50's but...
  8. G

    Windows Extreme performance differences between GMS 1.4 and GMS 2

    I have set up a test in both Game Maker Studio 2 and Game Maker Studio 1.4 which only contains a room 1024x768, 10 objects with an animated sprite (9 frames) and one object that draws the fps_real and the fps on the screen. I made that test because I have performance issues with one of my games...