1. T

    Discussion How long would it take to read the entier forum?

    What the title says. I'm curious on how long it would take to absorb a community's worth of knowledge. ps: I'm including all topics except tech support and the legacy forums, but it would be nice to get a guess on how long it would take to read legacy forum :)
  2. Edwin

    Discussion YoYoGames Forums

    Hey, I found that there is more sites of YoYoGames forums. Maybe dumb question, but why? Is that a mirror sites?
  3. Misu

    Forum Game Jimmy wants to nuke the world

    One fine weekend, you and your son Jimmy are visiting an expedition on military war monuments and stuff. The next minute, your son fleed off into a isolated room with an actual active red button that launches a nuke that can destroy the world. He is tempted to press it in front of you. You must...
  4. RizbIT

    forum or Q&A template

    I knwo there are free forum templates that use javascript or similar you just configure them and add to your own site. but is there a forum or Q&A web based API / service i can use on mobile. It shoudl be one which doesnt need user login... the username should be passed via the url. Seems...
  5. Y

    Opinion log in between pages

    hi I was not sure where to post it. when I am in the forums and click on a link to the marketplace ,I am not automatically logged in . sure it is not a big deal but I was just wondering : it can be fixed and make it more accessible for members to buy an asset without making you to rethink it ...
  6. Turkish Coffee

    Discussion No Desktop view on Mobile?

    Hey! I just saw that there is no Desktop View option on mobile in this forum. And the mobile version doesn't provide as much detail as Desktop Mode. For example you can't see how many people had viewed a post.
  7. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL New Light Forum Skin

    Hi everyone! This is just to let you all know that the forum now has both a light and dark skin. You can change skins from the link at the bottom left of the forum: It's been a long time coming and sorry to those of you that have been requesting this over the last few months (ahem...
  8. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL New Forum For Advanced Programming Discussions

    Hi everyone! After some discussion between members here and a bit of discussion with YYG, we have decided to try having an Advanced Programming Discussion forum. This forum is RESTRICTED and you will need to request permission to post there (and in principle everyone that requests permission...
  9. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game A Wild Cantavanda has Appeared

    You're walking through the forest with your trusty companions, when suddenly BOOM A wild Cantavanda has appeared! What will your party do?
  10. Misu

    Forum Game WAR!

    Build a civilization, conquer lands, and battle your opponents in this forum game! You must provide a description of your action in every post you make. For everytime you make an update, you must edit the map (if any changes are applied at all). To initiate, you must mark an unoccupied...
  11. Misu

    Forum Game The Best Forum Game in the World! - signup[25/156]

    Of many years of forum gaming, no forumer has ever encountered a game so truly amazing than any other. A game where nobody will ever want to quit or ever want to die. A forum game so potential, it requires lots and lots of players to initiate such fantastic journey of awesometasticness. You must...
  12. Misu

    Forum Game I want to be the mafia - Guess who won... [1/9]

    You are in a realm of hell, locked away into oblivion, within an universe where there is no god and only suffering... and lots and lots of RAAAAGE!!! I WANT TO BE THE MAFIA! Welcome to this new and experimental mafia game of doom! What is Mafia? I took this from Merc... What is the catch...
  13. crumblewolf

    Forum Pets

    People on this forum must have some amazing pets. Lets all share the joy of having a tiny (possibly hairy) creature that depends on us. I'll go first, this is Cashew. She is around 11 years old (we adopted her at 8-9 years old) she is blind but doesn't let that get in her way. She mostly likes...
  14. Misu

    Game Jam 80x45 Jam

    Welcome to the 80x45 Jam! I just thought of this random idea just now and perhaps would like people to join in on this! Theme: METAMORPHOSIS WHAT IS THIS? This is a game making jam where you must create a game under a theme usage... But here is the catch... the room view size has to be 80x45...
  15. Misu

    Forum Game Another BOMB!!!

    The bomb from the previous gmc forum has recently detonated and you all survived within this forum......... OHNO! There is another bomb! And there is no escape! Quick! Stop the bomb before it explodes! TIMER 99
  16. Misu

    Discussion A huge forum concern

    * dont know which subforum this will go so i placed it in offtopic* Ive been growing on some concerns about the forum lately. For the past week ive been acting a bit of a mess in the forum. I realize that i was spamming the status board too much and giving likes to people crazily. I havent...
  17. Ziphold

    Forum Game The Rhyming Game (Continue the rhyme from person above you)

    It's simple! You have to continue the lyrics of the person above you. Rules: Each poster gets one line Must rhyme with the post line above you It can be about anything, as long as it rhymes You can double post as long as you are not answering to yourself (You can't continue the rhyme to...
  18. Misu

    Forum Game The Boardgame: TTRPG [0/4]

    Lets play a mysteriously odd and mystical adventure involving you and a group of people playing a boardgame with a story somewhere hidden through out the journey that needs to be unraveled. This is a simple Turn-Taking Role Play Game where you must established an action to see if you manage to...
  19. csanyk

    GMC Forums Tag response "best answer"?

    The old GMC forum software let you tag a response to a thread as a "best answer". Is it possible to provide this feature on the new forums? I found it useful when skimming a long thread, and it was a nice kudo when I got one for a response I posted.
  20. Misu

    The Depression Thread

    After so much aweful momentums in our lives that continue to haunt us everyday and also our terrible feelings that we receive after countless hours of stress, hard work, and struggle just to realize we failed to become who we are... Dont feel bad... every single one of us are like this.... and...