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forum game

  1. C

    Forum Game Radioactive: Age of Survival

    Incoming call from Mr. X... "Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world, stranger. State your name, profession, and three starter items. Let's get ready for an RPG. To play, list any reasonable action." Mr. X Survival Guide Items: Pet Dog, Revolver, Survival Guide "You find yourself in a Junkyard...
  2. Mercerenies

    Forum Game [5/7] The People's Mafia - Town Victory

    Let's start up some more forum games here again. There haven't been enough of them lately. Those of you who were on the previous GMC will remember The People's Mafia. For those of you who don't, I shall explain. The People's Mafia For those of you who have never played mafia, you can read the...
  3. Mr Magnus

    Forum Game Around the world in 80 days (FRPG)[sign up, 8/10 slots available]

    Around the world in 80 days: The forum adventure. prologue: Welcome, one, Welcome all to the journey of your life. During the summer I had the immense pleasure of reading Jules Verne " Around the world in 80 days." and since then something like this has been rattling in my head. I want to...
  4. TehPilot

    Forum Game pilochronics

    he's asleep so don't wake him up >_
  5. Mercerenies

    Forum Game Taco Sandwich Robots - Resetting Already?

    Taco Sandwich Robots After the robots took over society two years ago, you opened a sandwich shop, which specializes in making sandwiches with tacos in them. Unfortunately, several other robots had the same idea, leading to a great deal of competition. As any good entrepreneur would do, you...
  6. b∩bo

    Forum Game Lost in Recursive Translation

    Premise - (Translation meets telephone) When something is translated to another language, and then translated back to its native language (sometimes with further translations in between). Hilarity Ensues How to Play- Translate a phrase to another language (using Google Translate or something)...
  7. G

    Forum Game This Thread Will Shock You...

    Take any random topic title, turn it into clickbait. If you're not familiar with clickbait, well... You will be.
  8. Mercerenies

    Forum Game ★ Wish Upon A Star [7/∞] - Turn 9 - Reached the Cyberpunk Era ★

    Wish Upon A Star Welcome to the forum game about stealing money and making wishes! Want to know how? Read on! Note: Veteran players, very little has changed. Pretty much the only major change is that the Altar is now sacred, like the Start square, and cannot contain items or traps. Feel free...
  9. Lukan

    Forum Game Murder Mystery [Role Playing] [10/10]

    Welcome to Murder Mystery! Welcome to my first role playing game on the GMC. I had this idea a while back, but wasn't sure how it'd go over. I want to host a murder mystery for the lovely members of the GMC! I think 10 is a good number to draw this out as much as possible, while it is a murder...