1. HayManMarc

    GMS 2 (SOLVED)Calling math wizards! (help making arc)

    Hey all, Are you ready? MATH CHALLENGE!! Are you excited? I hope you're excited. Actually, I'm hoping someone around here is great with maths and can help me out. I do okay with math, and can usually, eventually find the answer for things that are not too complicated, but this one is...
  2. 2

    GML Parallax to Fit Bg Height with Room Height

    What formula would cause a background taller than the screen, but shorter than the room_height to parallax such that when the view is at the top of the room the background's top pixel is drawn at the top of the screen, and when the view is at the bottom of the room the bottom pixel of the...
  3. M

    GML Math help

    Hi, I would like to find the formula for finding a single number (0-9) in another number. So to identify any number with a ‘9’ in it. e.g. 9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89,90,99. How can I code this as a formula for any number? Or is it even possible?
  4. 2

    GML Scale Sprites from Screen Center xy Displacement Formula

    I need to make scaled objects draw to the screen getting closer to the center as they get smaller and when getting larger further out from center (if not completely centered at 320x,180y.) I've figure out how to increase the image scales in a natural way, but the xy displacement formula alludes...
  5. zendraw

    GML Q:mathematical problem

    does any1 know a formula that can create a spiral out of a 2d grid? if not, does any1 know a mathematician who can make such a formula? i alredy have a function that creates the resaults, but i need it as a formula. this is how the coords used in the function look, and the end resault.
  6. Geqsogen

    Windows Calculate the value in a string variable

    Good day. (sorry for google translator) There is a string variable in which there is some equality. Example: "8/2 + 4 = 16/2 + 0" or "+ 5 / = 4-6-". The first equality is true, the second is wrong. So I need to get the result - right or wrong equality in the variable. How to do it? I tried to...
  7. Gabriel

    Legacy GM Help! Figuring out math formula

    So, I'm kind of having a math trouble to create a simple effect (let's call it so) in my game. When the player is wearing this x-ray specs, I want a hidden arrow to show up, indicating the path to a secret area. There are two conditions, though: - The player can only see the arrow if he's...
  8. jackquake

    Legacy GM Need Coordinates Where Object Will Leave Room

    So I have an object moving across the room. Obviously, the direction and (x,y) is known about it's current vector. What is the best way to predict where (i.e., coordinates) it will leave the room? One idea I had was to use Lengthdir to add some length to the object, get those coordinates...
  9. 2

    Make Objects of Different Scales Line Up at Screen X Center as Parallax Across Screen

    I need objects with different scales to move at the same speed off-screen, but change speed and position so that later the horizontal center of their sprites line up in the middle of the screen if the objects were placed at the same x coordinate in the Room Editor. Creating parallax, but...
  10. R

    Windows Grand Racing Manager

    Hey everybody, So here is a (very early) demo version of my racing manager. I've been working on this project for years and before it disappears into nothingness, I thought about at least releasing a small demo version. So I worked again very hard on this the last few weeks to make it playable...