1. R

    Discussion Moving Kinematic Object in Physics Room

    I'm trying something out working with physics and still a bit new to it. I'm using physic in a room, but I have one object that I don't want to react to gravity, but still want to collide with other objects. So the way I understand it, is that I need to make it kinematic, and the density needs...
  2. ProjectGamesInc

    GMS 2 Problem with physics and local forces

    Hi guys, i'm making a game with physics and i'm moving an object with physics_apply_local_force(10, y, -70, 0). Everything runs well, but i cant understand why, if this object falls for some time and then hit another solid wall, once i apply this force again it will spin and move a lot faster...
  3. matharoo

    HTML5 Project Force

    It's in a very early stage right now, I'm mainly making this thread so that I have at least some motivation to continue working on it. Project Force The codename is "Project Force" because it's inspired from the Force Push™ ability from Star Wars. Play the prototype here
  4. P

    Windows "physics_apply_force" doesn't work for 0 density object

    I have an object with 3 fixtures (don't know if that counts). It has physics enabled and 0 density because I need it to stay still on screen. I'm trying to use "physics_apply_force(x, y, 0, -15)" on "Left pressed" on it. Doesn't budge. Is this the way things should work or am I doing something...
  5. M

    How to apply force into an object

    I created a room where an egg will be applied some force and it will be like he's being fired by a cannon [ Almost like the fruit ninja], i activated the physics but i dont know how to make the object be launched. Can you guys help me with an example so i can try?
  6. Z

    Object Controlled Knockback

    Hello Community! I am creating a knockback/push system, using a single object to handle the movements and calculations here is my code in my "obj_control" object. My problem is that an error always occur "out of range", I am know why this happens because I have not declared an array to be above...
  7. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) Object does not show after visibility is set to true

    can someone help me? I have a projectile that when I spawn it it is initially set to invisible and inactive however the alarm[0] timer is set to load it config variables, reset its position, set visible, and activate it. however since I want the visibility to be shown before I update its...
  8. T

    Legacy GM Throw back player when colliding

    Hello guys! How can I make an object (in this case a spike) throw back my player with a specified force? I'd like this to work like this: When my player object hits a spike from any direction, apply a force contrary to the direction the player is hitting the spike. Also, I must make sure my...
  9. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Transfer local impulse or force

    I belive I've made a thread about this before, although I did not get any help there really and it seems like it was a tough nut to really comprehend. I'm talking in terms of recoil and impact force which get applied by shot projectiles at a target or basically an enemy or yourself. Obviously...
  10. M

    problem with physics

    I tried to apply forces on objects through a common parent object, but every time I start the game, I get an error: "The instance does not have an associated physics representation" I would be very grateful if you will help me with this... solved: Thank you Supercoder! (You also need to give...
  11. T

    Legacy GM When should I use force and when impulse? (Physics)

    I'm making a space game and I'm using physics engine. Should I use physics_apply_local_impulse or physics_apply_local_force for ship movement and bullet firing? Currently I'm using force for ship and impulse for bullet. Also, another quick question: Bullets are traveling slower than ship when...
  12. A

    Asset - Extension IOS 3D Touch Extension

    IOS 3D Touch Extension Marketplace: Category: Extensions (IOS) Price: $2.99 3̶.̶9̶9̶ Modules: IOS Demo: please message me your email ID & UDID of the 3D Touch supported IOS device for a demo Support...