for hire

  1. KPJ

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer Available for Hire!

    About Me Hey! I'm Krishna Jawale. I am a game programmer who has developed and programmed many games over the past 5+ years. I am experienced in using GameMaker 1.4, GameMaker Studio 2, and GML. I also have a thorough background in other programming languages (Python and Javascript). I...
  2. megaoy

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist specialized in side view art

    I'm pixel artist specialized in side view art, but i can also do top down pixel art, I'm been working and studying pixel art for 2 years here is my full portfolio: here is my discord: eduardo#6862 DM me for specific rates: i work with payments via paypal only...
  3. Y

    Job Offer - Audio Looking to compose for a game :) (FREE)

    just upgraded to Finale 26, wanting to compose for someone's game :) I offer 5 tracks at no cost :)
  4. DatZach

    Portfolio - Programming [For Hire] Experienced multi-discipline programmer (15 yrs experience)

    Zachary Reedy Email paraton [at] hotmail [dot] com Discord DatZach#1775 With a combined 15 years of experience in professional and hobbyist programming spaces, I am a highly skilled and efficient developer. My experience has been focused on Platform Engines, Networking, Localization...
  5. MikeD33

    Portfolio - Art [FOR HIRE]Pixel game Artist looking for paid work and cool projects

    Pixel game Artist looking for paid work and cool projects. contact me on Email: Discord: @Midavidallen#3228 Twitter: @Michael25202489 Regards Mike
  6. L

    Portfolio - General Jack of All Trades for Hire

    Status: Available, do send requests. I am a game developer with skills in many fields, available to beginning working for hire on a per-project or per-commission basis. The easiest way to reach me is through a private message. An e-mail will automatically be sent to me to inform me that you...
  7. M

    Portfolio - Audio [LFW PAID] Composer / Sound Designer

    Hey everyone! I'm a musician with over 3 years of experience in working with digital audio and sound design. I'm well familiar with synthesizers and I have plenty of virtual instruments to make vast varieties of different music! My tracks...
  8. EvanSki

    Portfolio - Programming Freelance Programmer/ GMS2 Skin creator

    Hey I'm Evan, I would say I'm a very good programmer, My code may not be always 100% efficient, but its simple to understand and read, easy to follow and most importantly it works. I have 5 years of experience with gml. I can make custom Game Maker Studio 2: skins! I can do advanced things...
  9. Ben Allen

    Portfolio - Programming [Paid] Experienced GM:S 1.4 Programmer

    My name is Ben and I've been making games with GameMaker since 2009. I've made a dozen or so games including Super Skelemania, which released on Steam last year. You can find the rest of my work on my and Gamejolt pages. Message me on Twitter @GamesByBen or Discord Ben#6746 for more...
  10. ChieDemoniac

    Portfolio - Art Looking for work | 2D Artist | Illustrator

    Hello! My name is Chie (in real life I am Julieta, but prefer the name Chie) and I am an Uruguay based artist who is lookibg for projects to be a part of. I am looking for paid positions/rev share. Prefer paid positions nonetheless. I have been playing around with GMS for sometime, so I know the...
  11. DanniBoy

    Portfolio - Audio Projects, one-offs or whatever else; Composer looking to buff out my Resume!

    Hi There! For the past 10 years i have been developing my musical skills and making music for the joy of it. Now I feel the time is right to step up my game! I am a versatile composer who has made a variety of tracks, but I am particularly fond of the retro-inspired tone of arcade games and...
  12. 2

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist/Animator looking for [Paid] work

    Hi there! ;D I'm a pixel artist/animator with 4 years of experience and I'd love to create a unique look for your project. Here are some examples of work I've done and you can find me more at my portfolio. Portfolio - Email - Detailed Character Run for...
  13. T

    Portfolio - General [For Hire] Game Designer / Scripter

    Hello! I have been designing and programming games for over three years using C# and the Unity engine as well as Gamemaker. I have released three mobile games onto the Google Play Store and have made many prototypes/game jam games on I am based in the LA/San Diego area, but I also do...
  14. V

    Portfolio - Audio Composer Looking for Work (paid)

    Hi, I am a professional musician and composer. I work mostly with synths, and have been making electronic music for eight years. I've self released two albums, done one game soundtrack (never went to market, but I was paid), and am about to start work on another. My electronic music falls...