1. P

    Bumping balls

    Hi, everyone. And I really need your help because my script doing physics of ball colisions is pour and I guess I need a new one. So please if you have a script or ideas of making it to Find angle of balls(circles) moving and their speed after hitting each other , please, help and share it with...
  2. Chaser


    hi guys and gals, which you think is better, A or B? I think B, but be interested in what you think.:) The finished sprite sheet character will be 32x32 in size, give and take for animations.
  3. S

    Android Penalty Practice Pro [Free] [Android] [Game]

    This is a new penalty shootout game made completely with Game Maker. It makes use of GMS features to make a fun and playable experience. It features a unique (we hope) way of build shot power up by shaking the phone. There are then 2 modes for aiming the ball and scoring the goal. You can...
  4. Michael Bateman

    Alpha Football Club Empire

    Last Version Update: 06/07/17 NOTE: If you have any issues after a build update, clean your browser cache. 'Continued' games will be corrupted by new builds as I add new features! This game is a work in progress and in its early stages. I thought people interested in this type of game might...
  5. Michael Bateman

    Do any GMC Devs like Football(Soccer)?

    Hi all Obviously the GMC is not a place where talk of football is expected to come up, but I wonder, do many or even any GM Devs like football? Am I an oddity in liking the sport and being someone who loves to spend my time trying to make games? Or are there a bunch of other devs who also like...
  6. L

    Android Soccer Of Legends

    Hello, I finished my first game for Android: Link: Video: Soccer Legends of the newest Google Play football Manager, inspired by New Star Soccer and brasfoot. - 3 leagues (Brazilian, English and Spanish) with 4...