1. F

    Windows Weird font bug in sprite editor...

    The font looks alright in any other program including MS Word. but when I try to use it in the sprite editor, this happens. When I turn on Anti-alias next to font size, the "grids" just get dimmer, but that's it. Please help me... !!!
  2. Adriano_ppaula

    UWP Incompatibility with Uwp? Ver 2.3.3

    Hello everyone! ^^ I recently bought the game maker version of Uwp, but having serious problems exporting my game to Uwp. I managed to close the file, but when I run the game, two strange things happen that I can't explain: 1. No font appears, no number, letter or anything. In my game I use...
  3. R

    [ SORTED OUT]font in different screen size

    hello guys, well I have a problem and a doubt at the same time. I'm creating a menu system that works great, but I'm having to deal with font and room changes. The camera resolution is much higher in the menu room than in the phase room for example (where the game basically rolls): as you can...

    Question - IDE Font variations not working?

    I found that in the font editor when choosing a font, none of that font's variations show any changes when selected (neither in the font editor nor in game). For example if you are on Windows you should have the Bahnschrift font. However, when you select any of its variations in the font editor...
  5. erayzesen

    Asset - Fonts Pixelinput

    Wouldn't you like to quickly display the buttons with a font the tutorials and input settings of your game projects? So let me recommend this great font I made to you; Pixelinput Font:
  6. A

    GMS 2.3+ Do I need to provide a font file when using a new font?

    I downloaded a font from a website and wanted to use it in my game. I planned to use draw_set_font(font); to change the font when typing in the text. But since games from other computers may not have the font downloaded, should I worry about that? Should I provide that file I used to install...
  7. Genesys Generation

    Android Application does not work when I export 2nd font.

    My application uses 2 fonts. The 2 fonts are the same, but with different sizes. One for the title and one for the rest of the game. There is already a problem that the gamemaker does not recognize the folder: C:\Windows\Fonts Because of that I have to make a copy of the font on the...
  8. Genesys Generation

    Android How to export the font and ini files?

    When I create the executable (APK), I run into 2 problems: 1st - no text appears in the game. That's because the font is not exported with the APK. 2nd - the game does not recognize any ini file. For desktop I upload the ini files together with the game's executable (zipped file), but it...
  9. tomlee2020

    Windows how to change Note text font and color in code editing page

    I am a novice, 10 days ago. I purchased this software. I studied and studied for a few days. I think this is a great software. But the disadvantage is that it is very unfriendly to the Chinese. I encountered some problems below. Hope to get professional answers. 1: This software does not have a...
  10. T

    Arabic font in gamemaker

    EDIT: Solved, how do I delete a post lol
  11. D

    GMS 2 Text with font created using font_add() is not rendered

    Hello everyone. I created a new font with font_add function. When I select this font, the text is not rendered. create event active = false; point_selected = false; point_x = 0; point_y = 0; font = font_add("Arial", 12, false, false, 48, 58); draw event if (active) {...
  12. B

    Wrongly scaled font?

    Hi, I'm having trouble integrating a custom font. Game Maker Studio (I am using the 2.3 beta) seems to wrongly scale it. This is how it looks in the design: And this is how it looks in the game: I am using this font: Electronic Highway Sign Any idea how to fix it? Thanks!
  13. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Different Fonts in same string?

    Hey guys and gals, Im trying to figure out how to possibly get two different fonts in the same string with a script. Below is the script I set up to try and accomplish this. But obviously doesnt work. How can I make this a thing? Why do I want to do this? Well I wanted whomever is talking...
  14. Yellowhite

    Hm... Adding Japanesse fonts

    Hoi guys! I wanna add Japanesse fonts to my game like Katakana. I have thinked of draw every sprite of japanesse font and use the funciton of "font_add_sprite" but i see the ANSII get the first 26 chars normally, and the Katakana use of 46 chars. It's just, how it's a easy way of add Japanesse...
  15. A

    SOLVED How do I add Turkish characters(special characters)

    Hello there. I live in turkey. I am working on a project to understand GML. I learned that Turkish characters are not supported in fonts."İ,Ş,Ö,Ü,Ğ,Ç,ı,ş,ö,ü,ğ,".is there a way to add these characters? Thank you in advance.
  16. cliftonbazaar

    Question - Code Font size

    I have been using GMS2 for a month now and while working on it I accidentally hit a key that increased the font size; after searching the Internet I found it was the F7 and F8 keys to change the font size. My problem is that each time the project starts it starts at the larger font size so I...
  17. Kezarus

    Language Support - Char Ranges

    Hello everyone! I am trying to add language support to my Framework for others to use and I bumped in a characters range issue. I plan to add cyrillic, japanese and chinese from Noto Sans Fonts. For cyrillic I added the range 1025 to 1105. For japanese I added 12352 to 12543 for hiragana and...
  18. T

    Question - IDE Japanese text display gets weird in IDE

    Hi all, I'm not the developer itself, but the publisher. One of my client is using GMS2 in Japanese, and he is experiencing weird display issue. It seems it depends on the font types, but it looks like this. It says "カウンターアタック", but IDE displays them in random font size. Also, I have a...
  19. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Em Dash in Strings (SOLVED)

    I want to include em dashes in my strings, and not have them return as the default "▯." For example: str = "The quick brown fox — who was very quick indeed — jumped over the lazy dog."; returns as "The quick brown fox ▯ who was very quick indeed ▯ jumped over the lazy dog." I already tried...
  20. Architheutis

    Font-error within Game Maker Studio 2

    Hi There, is there anybody else who remarked partial display errors within the GMS2-interface? I updated a newer version of Game Maker Studio 2 one day. Since then something like that (see the image) happens, any time I click on a part within my object ressources. When I shut down GMS2 and...