1. Z

    Game Maker 8 Drag and Drop P-Angle and Radius, object follow

    Hi, I remember that you could make an object stick to another following it with those variables, also spinning around it only changing some values in the step event. I remember all you had to do was establishing 2 variables in the create event and then two actions in the step event. Please help
  2. Michael Goodridge

    [Solved] getting body segments to follow head

    I have 3 objects, oHead, oBodySegment, oTail. The player controls the direction of the head which currently only moves up, down, left, and right, but does not adhere to a grid. The number of body segments changes. I'm having trouble getting each segment to follow the head all the way to point...
  3. LWDIV

    [SOLVED] Path Tool (GMS2)

    I need help by solving the error: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Key Press Event for <Space> Key for object object0: Unable to find any instance for object...
  4. S

    NPC Following Help

    Currently, I'm trying to have an NPC follow my current player character but am having difficulty implementing it. My code seems sound, but when I test it, the NPC simply stands still (but responds to other actions, such as implementing the text bubble that appears above their head). This code...
  5. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Object that follows in the Player's previous footsteps

    I've been looking through the manual to find a way to make an object follow the player while avoiding solid parts of the room, but I couldn't find a reliable way. The context here is I have an NPC that needs to follow the player. I thought about having the game remember the player's vsp...
  6. E

    Stop Enemy from following

    Hello, First time here. I hope I've put this in the right place on the forum. I have a problem with my enemy. I want the enemy to follow the player if he's close enough but if the player run away I want the enemy to stop chasing him. The problem with my code is he wont stop. The chasing works...
  7. Edwin

    Legacy GM Background following player

    Hello, people. I want to sun background follow the player like Angry Sun in Super Mario Bros. 3. So my player have the sort of friction (move speed simply adds for horizontal speed until it reaches maximum speed value). So here is the problem. The sun background doesn't know about friction and...
  8. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 Movement and rotation help

    I have two objects, I want obj_a to do two things: A: Move to the closest instance of obj_b B: Rotate to still be on the same origin as obj_b AND face the same way as the closest instance of obj_b I am really having trouble getting this to work... I am kinda new to GMS although I have about...
  9. Enes

    Drag And Drop How can I make an object jumping to player to a certain position?

    Right at the beginning of the game, there is an object that must jump to the player. However, it does this, but to the bottom of the player. What I want is, to jump to its head and not bottom. I already have changed the origin of both the player and the object but still not working. PLEASE HELP!!
  10. S

    Legacy GM How Can I Get The Camera Follow Player Only Up?

    I haven't been able to get this working so I don't have any code to show but does anybody know how this works?
  11. D

    [solved] Help! Making Score Follow View Vertically

    Hi all, I have been searching for hours, tried 3 or 4 diff tutorials, scoured the forums/reddit/stack exchange, the GMS 2 manual and the GMS tutorials. I am trying to program the score object to remain on screen while the player object moves upwards on a level but it always remains static...
  12. inertias

    Help me understand this code that works

    So someone asked a question on reddit about instances following the individual object that creates them. If you look at the posted solution, it works perfectly but I don't understand why. Here's what they wrote: Haven't been programming for long so I don't understand the "inst.creator"...
  13. B

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Platform with jump to position movement does not take player with it

    Greetings, I'm not very good at programming. I've not used game maker all that much, though I've been using it on and off for years. Mostly I do drag and drop and have made about 4 or 5 simple mini games. Mostly these are made off tutorials. The same is the case here I was following a guide and...
  14. mar_cuz

    GMS 2 Follow Y value of path only

    Hi All, Is it possible to have an object follow the Y axis of a path only while following the x axis of another? say I have a half circle and the path follows the curve of the circle. I want the object to move along the x axis of the straight line but its Y axis to follow the curve of the...
  15. Y

    Legacy GM mouse following object

    So I looked around and I have seen alot of how do I make my object follow the mouse threads. but my question is: how can I make my mouse follow an object. I need this so I can use a custom cursor object that acts like a mouse but I can't find any functions that let you change the mouse position...
  16. O

    Camera Won't Follow Object After Changing Rooms

    So my camera follows the player just fine in the initial room of my game, but once I move to the second room it ceases to do so. Both objects are persistent. I've determined through debug messages that the camera is still in fact set to follow the player, it just won't do so for some reason. Any...
  17. Y

    Legacy GM enemies ignoring mp_potentials_step

    so for some reason my enemies aren't avoiding obstacles. here is the code: if(!global.Pausing && distance_to_object(Obj_Munna) > 24){ image_angle=point_direction(x,y,Obj_Munna.x,Obj_Munna.y) direction = image_angle mp_potential_step_object(Obj_Munna.x, Obj_Munna.y, 3.5...
  18. O

    Legacy GM Making Enemy Follow Player if it's in their Field of View

    So I want obj_enemy to follow obj_player (If it can see it with no walls inbetween) avoiding obj_walls. This is what I have as a code: On the obj_control create event: global.grid=mp_grid_create(0,0,room_width/32,room_height/32,32,32); On the obj_enemy create event: global.path=path_add(); On...
  19. P

    GMS 2 Object, which follows player by the shortest route in a platformer

    Hi, I am trying to make object which will follow the player using only his platform abilities, by this I mean by jumping and walking. Not going through the walls like objects in my attempts did. Do you have any hints how to make this work?
  20. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] how to let object follow other object without flicking

    Hey, I have a boss that chases the player and that went pretty good with the following script: if gofollow == true{ move_towards_point( obj_player.x, obj_player.y, 9 ); } But the small problem now is that whenever the boss is straight at where the player is, it is gonna flick which look...