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  1. L

    camera problems (PLEAS HELP)

    when I move the camera, either way, it is stuttering, it's been hours trying to fix it
  2. L

    GMS 2.3+ Camera stuttering

    my camera is stuttering when I move it no matter what i do. can someone help me? {game maker studio 2}
  3. gibsonfan2332

    GMS 2 Camera Follow Player, Sprites are Shaking/Vibrating. Rounding x and y only causes direction/motion problems.

    I am trying to make a simple boat object with a camera that is following the player from the top/behind. Basically when you turn your boat, it stays right in the middle of the screen, and the world is what appears to be moving because the camera is following the player as well as rotating along...
  4. gibsonfan2332

    GMS 2 Rotating and Moving the Camera View to the Player Object. Jittering/shaking Sprites

    I am attempting to make a top down game with a boat/ship and the camera stays above/behind the players boat. I currently have a camera object that is locked on to the player object so that the player stays in the middle of the view. Basically when I turn the ship, the whole room is turning on...
  5. LanderMiskolczi

    GMS 2 Camera_get_view_x / y only returning 0

    So i've been trying to get my buttons to follow the camera, and to do this, I need to get the camera x and y, but using the object it makes it lag behind. But when I use this function it only ever returns me a 0. Here's a gif to show you what I mean. If you look to the left, that is printing...