1. jobjorgos

    SOLVED how to use layer_tilemap_get_id for a whole folder instead of just 1 single tileset?

    layer_tilemap_get_id(layer_get_id("Col")); works fine to find the tileset "Col". but now I moved tileset "Col" into the "Buildings" folder: How can I make the "Buildings" folder the ID so all the tilesets this folder contains will be set at the same time? Or can I only set 1 single tileset...
  2. samspade

    Windows Tags Bug or Am I doing it Wrong?

    The manual says: "You can also add a tag to a folder group, which will apply it to all the assets within the folder. Once added, all tags will be visible under the Quick Access menu and also in the Filter options (as explained in the sections above), and so can be used to quickly filter the...
  3. Leon Hurley

    Putting an Object in a folder breaks my game

    I'm in the very early stages of a simple strategy game which involves picking up things with the mouse to move them. At some point the object/mouse tracking seemed to break unless you moved slowly but I couldn't understand why as that's pretty much day one code I've not touched since. I've...
  4. maxdax5

    Renaming folders?

    Can we rename folders? We can rename files or even create a new folder, copy all files in that new one and destroy the other one but before doing it i just want to be sure that we really cant rename folders/directories. Why doing it? In working_directory my main folder is the version of the...
  5. Architheutis

    Cannot find the folder of my .ini

    Hi Folks, I cannot find the folder of my .ini-data. Game Maker 2 saves it into Computer/User/Architheuthis/AppData/Local/Filename.ini So... I cannot find the folder "AppData" and folders within. I use Windows 10. Can anybody gimme a hint? Best wishes, Archie.
  6. atmobeat

    Room Editor Auto opens all layer folders

    Greetings GameMakers! Whenever I go into the room editor, all of the layer folders are automatically opened. I've got a lot of layers and folders for organizing them (I'm using something similar to @MirthCastle's sorting method and something close to his layer conventions. Check it out below if...
  7. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to create a folder outside a working directory

    Hello, pals! You, guys, perfectly know that GM:S creates your game data in C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local folder. So I wanna create a folder with specific name (team/company name) and put there my every game. This is example: So, how I can perform it?
  8. Shadowblitz16

    Question - IDE is it possible to disable folder view in default resource tree layout?

    is it possible to disable the folder view in the default resource tree layout to be more like custom views? so have this look more like this? if not does anybody know if there is plans on allowing this as a option in preferences? it would help workflow alot and I wouldn't have to be ocd...
  9. S

    Legacy GM Can't find MAC OS X tab in Global Game Settings

    I've had to re-name my game I'm developing for the iOS app store. However, going to File > Save As doesn't remove all traces of the old name, as the output folder created on my MAC is still named with the old name. I was told, from a bug report feedback, that in order to rename my game, I need...
  10. Zek

    Asset - Extension Folder Browser Dialog

    Game Maker: Marketplace Price: $1.99 Windows Only [DLL] In Game Maker you can use get_open_filename to browse for files, but there is no way to browse for folders. This extension allows you to open a folder browser dialog. There are 2 functions that comes with the extension: -...
  11. A

    Arranging external files in neat folders?

    I have a lot of things exported with my game exe file, most specifically the soundtrack (in Sounds) and some inis (in Included Files). I was wondering how to arrange them in neat folders (not in the GMS IDE but in the actual exported zip / game folder)? It's probably simple but still, I...
  12. zendraw

    Windows Getting file names in folder

    Is it possible with game maker to get a file name from a folder? like when you make a map in some strategy game and save it and then you can reopen it from the editor.