1. B

    HTML5 Problem with Web Exports and window focus.

    I don't know how to explain it exactly. But I have a problem when I upload my web exports to places like What happens is, after the game first loads, sometimes you can't play/control it until after you refresh the page. Also if you click outside the game window, clicking inside the game...
  2. zendraw

    GMS 2 Pause game when window out of focus

    my game still runs when window is not on focus, how do i make it so it is paused? like how when you drag the window the game freezes. id like it to freeze when we are out of the window.
  3. C

    Windows Full-Screen Initialization Failure

    Whenever I launch my fullscreen game, if I Alt+Tab out, click anything on my other monitor, or otherwise just shift "focus" onto another program, my game will minimize. When I pull the game back up, it has failed to actually "fullscreen." It looks like a large border-less window with an inch or...
  4. RyanC

    Android Game restarts after returning from a minimized state.

    Since updating to GMS 2, my game restarts after returning from a minimized state on Android. If I click "share link" and try and send an email or text then return to the game, it restarts. But if I re-download the previous version from the play store it's fine. I tried using GMS 1.4 and now...
  5. T

    HTML5 Game stops when switching tabs

    I've made myself an idle game to be played on a browser (HTML5) but the game stops when I switch tabs and no progress is made (it's an idle game). I've played several games like that in the past and as a Player I would just leave the game open in it's own window without any other tab. But now...
  6. S

    Android Surface deleted when game loose focus

    Hi I create a new surface in my game and it works fine. Unfortunately I get an error once the game looses focus (for example when a call comes in or if a promo video is played). The surface will be deleted then for some reason and I get an error that the surface does not exist. does anybody...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Key pressed if window is not in focus (not active)

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I'm moving my first steps in the GameMaker world, and through Drag and Drop I created a simple counter with three keypad keys: "+" to add, "-" to subtract, "0" to reset. Everything works well, but I would like it to work even when the counter window is not...
  8. R

    HTML5 How to keep game running even when not focused on tab

    So i published my game(an idle/clicker game) on to the play store and kongregare. And i have been having many problems with the html5 built but i mostly fixed them. But the only thing i cant fix is how can i make my game run while you are not on that tab in the browser or not even in the...