1. P

    GMS 2.3+ How to Floor Number not up to integer but to number.x ???

    Okay, probably the question is explained not teh best in the theme, so: Say, I have number 90.0777, so how do I floor it until 90.1 using matehmatical function? Yeah, so I guess the question is pure maths, I am just not very good at it, so I hope there is anyone who knows how to help me, cause...
  2. F

    GMS 2 floor_get_random() only available in game maker studio 1.4 how to achieve in studio 2 please help

    So I want to know how to wait 3 seconds after if keyboard_check(vk_space) { index++ } Before playing the tping sound effect, how would I go about achieving this, and this is all in the draw event.
  3. C

    Legacy GM Flooring does not work properly

    I was wondering why flooring does not work with this code: //Step event //Replenish skill bar skill_bar_restore[1] = 0.004; if (skill_bar[1] < 10) then skill_bar[1] += skill_bar_restore[1]; //Draw event if (skill[1] != "empty") then...
  4. M

    how to fix my collusion with the floor / wall?

    I am working on a assignment for school to make a game and I putted some code in different events, but when I run the game my player doesn't have his 'feet' on the ground I have used the code in these videos: in the create event I have this: hspeed_ = 0; max_hspeed_ = 4; vspeed_ = 0...
  5. phillipPbor

    3D this floor sprite isent appearing 3d

    this red box suppose to be 3d as floor d3d_draw_floor(x,y,0.1,x+16,y+16,0.1,sprite_get_texture(spr_enemy_target,0),1,1); this code in draw effect instead its this. I use the creation action for it to appear :(
  6. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Camera jitter on view scroll/view follow

    Hello everyone, I get camera jitter when scrolling the view, and/or scrolling the view to follow an object (with what is probably very well known code by now), below. I've tried using floor on every aspect possible below, which does improve the result somewhat, but ultimately, if the scroll...
  7. X

    Legacy GM 2D Platformer - Feet sticking into ground?(SOLVED)

    Hello. I am creating a 2D platformer and I am having a little issue with my character standing on surfaces. This seems to happen at random and is purely an aesthetic concern as the player does not get stuck or is movement ever prevented(which I don't understand). At worst, it can cause the...
  8. T

    View - dynamic offset and size

    I want the view to be affected by player's speed, here's what I have: If I floor() the values below (which I think I should) screen seems to be shaking. (Can be seen in the video) Is it OK if I leave them as a floating point number? Also, do you have any suggestions how to improve this code...