1. RobotoSkunk

    GMS 2 [Solved] Convert a string to float

    Hello, I want to make a text box where you can write the position X and Y of an object, but I have no idea how to make Game Maker detect that I'm placing negative or floating numbers. Can someone please help me? ;-; Here is the code that I use to modify the position Y of the object #region Y...
  2. samspade

    Asset - Objects Character Asset Pack

    Available for both GMS 1 and GMS 2 Description Comprehensive and easy to use, this pack is a great foundation for creating a great side-scrolling platformer player object. It contains over 40 character movement abilities for a 2D platformer ranging from simple to complex. If you buy the pack...
  3. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] How do I turn an int into a float?

    I have come across this issue before, where the program won't trigger a certain event because it's checking a float with an integer value. Is there some way to turn an integer to a floating point number? I've searched for this, but couldn't find what I wanted or in fact anything related to this...
  4. T

    GML How to multiply with comma values?

    Hi, I need your help again, to get things started :) In my little test Project I wanted to multiply some values for Money. I got the numbers 1598 and 13.76 which I stored in strings. Now I did try to mulitply like this: res = real(string1) * real(string2); // maybe using 'real' here is the...
  5. C

    Cannot get floating variable

    anybody pls help me, how to get floating value to my variable, its go rounding. a = 5.12345; b = 5.11111; c = a+b; the result was showing 10.23 please give me any idea how i get more decimal points.
  6. A

    GML High Float Precision Challenge (Buffers and Floats)

    I've been stuck on this problem for weeks now. Read a lot of material but didn't help. Finally I decided to ask for your expertise. May be solved by someone more knowledgeable easily. Here is the issue: I have a GLSL ES shader that sends some high precision floats to a surface. For the sake of...
  7. B

    Character Floats Near Non Solid Objects

    [edit] To make things short, I have a problem where my character jumps normally everywhere except for in places where there's a non-solid object behind him like a torch. The character jumps just fine on solid objects, stands, walks , and even jumps with consistency except for when there's like a...
  8. D

    Android Facing issues with decimal values

    Hi, I'm facing issue with decimal values in game maker. The vales are getting automatically rounded. For example ,if i'm having a value like below, a=5.00000070 and when i try to draw or save it in a ini file i'm getting value like, '5.00' How to get rid of it, Can someone please help, I need...
  9. T

    Legacy GM About move with a float speed.

    spd = 2.12 ... if (keyboard_check(vk_right)) x+= spd ... When i move the obj with a float speed, it can not move smooth. it is jumpy. When i change the spd = 2, it becomes smooth again. The spd can not be the float? the speed in my project is 5, for example, but when i move toward 45...