1. tagwolf

    Pixel Flipboard Style Animation

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: https://host-a.net/f/226893-flipboard-animationyyz Links: N/A Summary: Ever wanted to make cool pixel flipboard style animations? Well now you can. If you want it to actually draw something you could do so easy enough by making a collision mask of...
  2. 2

    GMS 2 Mirrior,Flip, Rotate All Tiles in Tilemap in Code

    Say I want to be able mirrior, flip, and rotate all the tiles in a tilemap (in game not in room editor). Also to be able to do one, some, or all of these operations, and turn all these off too. What's the best way to do this?
  3. 2

    GMS 2 Tile Ids wrong when Flipped or Rotated, Is it a Bug?

    So I'm working something to gather the tiles in a tilemap and copy them. Something strange, that may be a bug in GM Studio 2, happens to the tile ids when they are flipped, or rotated in the room editor. The tile ids become huge numbers. This makes reading, and understanding which tile it...
  4. Robzoid

    [SOLVED] Is there a problem with image_xscale?

    I'm working on slopes and they're very sensitive to collision mask changes. I'm getting stuck in the slope when my player object turns around (i.e. when its image_xscale value goes from 1 to -1). I determined that the collision mask is shifting by 1 pixel when the sprite flips but it's not...
  5. 2

    GML Rotate,Flip,Shift Ds Grid or 2d Array

    How do you rotate (90 degree increments) or flip (xflip, yflip) the contents of a ds grid or 2d array without manually rewriting the whole thing? I might also need to x shift and y shift the contents afterward as well.
  6. Sergio

    Error on flipping background

    Hi there: I'm trying to flip the brackground of my game, using this code: var lay_id = layer_get_id("bg_wall"); var back_id = layer_background_get_id(lay_id); layer_background_xscale(back_id, -1); Aparently, this should works, since it's the same code that appears in the manual, and...
  7. G

    Released Tap Flip [Android] (First Game on Google Play)

    We made a game in 2 days, we think it can evolve into something interesting. Also, it's the first game we published on Google Play. Store Description: A quick puzzle game. Tap on a block to change its color, as well as the ones around it. Destroy every red lock in every Normal Mode level (31...
  8. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) changing x position not working

    does anybody know why I can't offset my player when I flip him? he flips he just doesn't change position. here is my code /// @description Link Step Event // You can write your code in this editor x = px; y = py; //Update Link Here. //Horizontal Collision hitbox_top = bbox_top //y -...
  9. A

    GML Flipping bullet on off center barrel?

    Im new to game maker 2, and well creating games in general, ive been following some tutorials and decided to be abit creative early on by designing a off center barrel gun for my sprite, when the bullets fire to the right they seem to match the barrel, but they dont when the sprite flips to the...
  10. Misu

    3D Need help rotating a 3D ring

    Ive gotten stuck on this for a week now and I cant bust my head on doing this properly... Im trying to trace random spheres around an origin point but that can rotate in both x and y axis. Ive gotten one direction moving perfectly (y axis)... But I cant come up with one for the x axis that...
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 logic question about a skid state

    I have a question about the logic of entering and exiting a skid state for my player basicly I want mario to go into a skid state before turning around and going back into the idle or walk state this would only happen if the user is pressing the opposite direction of mario's x velocity and...
  12. Pogmog

    Android os_lock_orientation Flipping Problem

    There is a problem that when using the function os_lock_orientation(true) on a device that is in landscape the game will be flipped 180 degrees. This has been reported in the following threads: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/os_lock_orientation-issue.24398/...
  13. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Animating a card flipping

    Hey everyone, I'm making a Solitaire game at the moment, and am trying to add in some smooth animations. If possible, I'd like the card which you select from the deck to be animated flipping over as it's revealed. Something similar to this: I can't even think how I would do this, or whether I...
  14. B

    Android Flippy Egg

    Hi there, I developed the following game in a couple of weeks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.belarmin.flippy_egg In this game, your aim is to prevent the egg from crashing; i.e. basically touching anything. The egg, although it has its quite small wings, is not able to...
  15. T

    Image_Flip - Sticker-book

    Hello All, I'm making what i thought would be a rather simple drag and drop style Dinosaur "sticker book" for my son.. but the problem comes when i try to Flip the sprite while having a scale limitation. i want to be able to press a key and have the sprite "flip" and stay flipped until the key...
  16. Zerb Games

    2D Ambient Occlusion Using Tiles

    I've been trying to make 2D Ambient Occlusion to spice up my game a bit. So far I've gone with a few techniques, first shaders, then surfaces, and now I want to try tiles. However, I'm way over my head, It takes 256 individual tiles to make the entire map. I saw while reading the Documentation...
  17. J

    Android Flip Flop: A Word Game (Free, no IAP!)

    FLIP FLOP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Flip Flop, the goal is to create new words by changing one letter of the previous word. Go from FLIP, to FLOP, to SLOP, to SLAP! Enjoy two different game modes and a...
  18. A

    Horizontally Mirror View?

    I am new at this and I just figured out view_angle so I use that to vertially flip the view but what I want to do is completely horizontally flip the view of my room. How do I achieve it? Thankyou in advance