1. L

    camera problems (PLEAS HELP)

    when I move the camera, either way, it is stuttering, it's been hours trying to fix it
  2. S

    Windows Game Flickering When Switching Between Fullscreen & Windowed Mode

    Hey guys! I'm getting this strange issue in my game when I am swtiching between Fullscreen mode & Windowed mode. If I make it to where the player cannot switch between them then I don't get this issue, but I'd like for the player to have that option obviously haha. I am programming in GMS1...
  3. S

    Legacy GM Moving sprites get outlined

    I had a problem with a game that I was working on and noticed a problem with moving sprites. they where kind of flickering, I tried using draw instead because for me it didn't matter whether I used one draw object or separate objects, I just needed moving clouds. tried a couple of things with...
  4. Vinsane

    Question - IDE Constant Object Flickering + Project Crashing

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if I can get some assistance with one of the most annoying bugs I've encountered so far on GMS2. I've recently finished creating a PC game by the way and didn't have anywhere near as much issues as I am now trying to build to Android but I still had issues with...
  5. B

    Legacy GM Collision Event Causing Sprite Flicker

    Hello everyone! I'm having a super annoying problem: I have it set up so that when the player is on a platform, it turns that platform visible, and all objects that are on that SPECIFIC platform are also turned to visible. The way I am doing this is thus: In the collision event of the...
  6. G

    Legacy GM Flickering

    When I start playing with my game, everything goes ok, but sometimes the background starts to flicker and quickly change it with other sprites (very glitchy). I don't know why it happens, it had happened in various computers but just with 1 project. It usually happens when I activate full-screen...
  7. T

    GMS 2 rotating sprites with mp_potential, how to avoid flickering

    Hi Try to make my enemy movement as fluent as possible. The enemies are driven by mp_potential functions and follow the player. This works pretty well. I have 4 directions for the movement animations (up, down, left, right). At the moment I get the direction which the enemy is pointing to...
  8. S

    Object flickering, monito isn't refreshing fat enough

    I have a game where the charater seems to flickering, because my monitor doesn't seem to refresh fast enough. It looks something like this: (Note that this happends only for about half a second) However, my monitor handels every other game very well without this happening. Do I have to set some...
  9. zendraw

    Windows Flickerin line

    Hi, so ive had this issue other times also but now i decided to ask if you guys know why is it happening. so i draw a healthbar with draw_rectangle and sometimes some line doesnt know its position and when i move the view it flickers like this > this happens constantly when moving the view...
  10. P

    Menus are grayed out / flicker

    Hey guys, So, I've been noticing that the menus in a GM:S project either flicker or turn gray permanently, so I can't read the options in the list... Here's what I see: https://vid.me/ov0Y Also, I'm running the latest version (v1.4.1763) Could someone shine some light on this? Thanks in advance!
  11. Xer0botXer0

    Windows Multiplayer - Other player sprite is flashing

    Hi fellow game devs, So I've run into a problem, I'm not sure why my other player instance is flashing. (anything in that objects draw event flickers) Basically when my clients player enters a new room, it unloads all instance information and then loads instance information from the server...
  12. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Problem With Sprite Animation

    Hi, I have a problem with my animation when my character jump.. I have a 6 frame animation when my character jumps, then when he's falling, I have 2 frames for that. basically, every time my character jumps, the animation has a delay sometimes, like it doesn't play ASAP, also sometime it play...
  13. C

    Windows Sprite flickering after jump and clipping trouble.

    I've been looking at some tutorials and learned how to create movement, collision, and jumping; however, after adding animated sprites to the code, whenever the character jumps into a wall they flicker between standing and jumping sprites and it also clips into the ground and can't move due to...