1. Paul Kankiewicz

    Open Ocean Assets

    I made a small, 2D game called Open Ocean relatively recently and have released some of the assets that I used under a Creative Commons license. If you're looking for some top-down 2D fish swimming animations or some simple UI buttons, check it out...
  2. G

     Immortal - 2D Survival Arcade Game

    Immortal is a survival/puzzle game where you play as an Immortal Jellyfish (this is a real animal, btw). As The Jelly, you dream of living forever. But it's hard to do in the deep blue sea, where predators of all shapes and sizes come to eat, stab, or burn you. The objective of most levels is...
  3. sv3nxd

    Free Fishbait - Minigame

    Hey there! Weekend started and I wanted to program a game in one day. It took me around 4 or 5 hours to make. It's still way too long for what it is, but practice makes perfect! It's really simple. You are a fish and need to get the bait from the fisherman, without getting catched. In order to...
  4. D

    Windows I need help with my fish game.

    So I am making a fish game that is basically like Insaniquarium, but built in GameMaker. The problem seems to be that the fish are being dumb and run into walls (they are in a tank looking map enclosed with invisible borders) and will not do anything I would like them to do, they just ram into...
  5. H

    Demo Fish AI

    A long time ago, AI was incredibly underwhelming. In particular, fish in video games generally couldn't sense when other objects were nearby. This all changed in November 2013 when COD: Ghosts stunned the world with its revolutionary fish AI. Infinity Ward had done something no game studio had...