first person shooter

  1. N

    Windows Wave City (3D)

    Wave City is a little project I created for a GMC competition The "Cityscape" challenge / competition was held back in 2015 If you want to try it here's a link (MediaFire): I wanted to share it with you guys. I really...
  2. MegaJim73

    Released Fuchsenstein 3-D

    An old-school first-person shooter in the vein of Wolfenstein 3D. Runs on most versions of Windows (except 8 due to serious sound compatibility issues). Now available at Game Jolt:
  3. Master Maker

    3D Networking Question

    I am wondering whether game maker studio's networking functions support their 3D functions. Do they?
  4. F

    Demo Virtual Wave [Greenlight]

    Howdy! My name is Jordan (aka FoxyPanda). I did what most do around here and made a game! (beta demo to be exact). This is honestly my first project I am pushing in front of a large audience so all constructive criticism is welcome. I have been programming for a little over 13 years but never...
  5. Arkhidexx

    Free Blaster Cop

    Hello, everyone! Let me show you our new game, Blaster Cop! This is first-person shooter, so it uses 3D capabilities of gamemaker. Also, it has cyberpunk setting and synthpop soundtrack. We took oldschool style and mixed it with fun and humor. Hope you will enjoy it! :) Download link...
  6. S

    Team Request BOOM 3D

    BOOM 3D is a game attempting to follow the same style as DOOM 3D. It will officially be 2D even though it will be rendered to appear 3D. I plan for it to either be a stealth-action FPS or a purely action based FPS. I am currently looking for an artist(nothing that hard just pixel art) and an...
  7. S

    Doom-like shooter examples?

    What happened to all these? It's been a long time since I've used GameMaker and I've forgotten how to make a basic fps game. There used to be a first person shooter tutorial included with every version of GameMaker, not to mention tons of shooter examples that could be downloaded and modified...