first game

  1. violet

    Demo Moonlight in Garland - Chill city life sim - Demo

    Moonlight in Garland Downloads: Free demo is available on for Windows and Mac. About: Moonlight in Garland is a cozy, open-ended, life-sim that sees you making a new start in the bustling metropolis of Garland. Find an apartment and make it perfectly yours, befriend your...
  2. NicoFIDI

     [Beta] Torre Maldita "Cursed tower" First time exposing a game

    This game is the culmination of years of work. The origin of the idea was to make a causal Rogue-Like for my phone. And I think, It's almost done. Yet I never gave a game the finishing touches so I don't know if it's ready. To keep you away from unwanted information I will have all information...
  3. S

    Released Myselw

    Hello, I’m a solo developer who started to learn programing and drawing from scratch in the summer of 2018 and I'm finally releasing my first 2d platformer game, Myselw: My selfish wish. I had a lot of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, some of them caused me a couple of sleepless nights...
  4. OrangeCrowStudio

    Windows First completed game using GMS2

    This is the first game I started programming and actually completed since I started working with Game Maker. I'm pretty proud of it! It's short, but was a way to learn and grow. If you're able to check it out and leave me some feedback, I'd appreciate it! :) Thanks! (The Race to the Big...
  5. Yuriy

    Windows Linda: in the magic world

    Linda: in the magic world This game is about a little girl who fell into an amazing and dangerous world! Help Linda go through all the levels, collect all the necessary crystals to get home. < - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCREENSHOT - - - - - - - - - - - - - > < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GAME...
  6. K

    GML [SOLVED] Timer inside bigger timer wont go down? HELP!

    hello, good day everyone. Im having trouble making an object (hot vapor spilling out of an old pite (hurts the player)) to trigger at different times using the same object, I tried coding it like this set a total_time make it reach 0 when that happens my program choses 3 cases (0,1,2) depending...
  7. K

    GML [SOLVED] How to avoid exiting state machine if there is a wall ontop of my character?

    Hello, noob 856431684 here! Im making my first game after space rocks in GMS2 and i've "learned" state machines, basically all my animations have a state machine. the problem is that when I press "C" my character crouches OK BUT when I press "C" again and there is wall ontop of my character...
  8. A

    Free Gravity Flip, a young square's struggle. This game was created in 2017, but never released as I had lost interest and moved on to other projects. I recently thought back on the experience of working on this, and decided to go ahead and release it in its current state, as I believe there is enough...
  9. I

    Need help with waves

    //Next wave or end spawner when all enemies have died if (remaining [current_wave]<=0) { if (current_wave == total_waves) { //game_restart(); highscore_add(string(""), global.highscoreboard); } else {...
  10. BenSunhoof

     Wizard of zOz (first game)

    You've been granted a hand by the memery gods. Fend off aggressive memes and destroy 30 to save the world. WASD to move, LMB to shoot. Watch out for your memery bar, if you deplete it, I'll think you're very inattentive. This is not supposed to be a good game. This is my first ever full...
  11. Edwin

    What is the first game ever made in GameMaker?

    Did YoYo/YoYoGames team, when testing GameMaker, made the demo game for it or something? Did anyone wonder about it?
  12. M

    Help on dynamic weapon inventory array?

    Hello! Super green and barely started tinkering around with gms2. I'm following Tom Francis' tutorial series Making a Game With No Experience (done in gms 1.4). Part 9 has him designing an array that builds itself as the player picks up weapons. However, after following the video multiple times...
  13. Z

    Free FlappyTurd - 2D - Platform+Shooter

    my first game in GMS, entirely made from scratch. started with a flappybird ripoff then turned it into a platform shooter experience. it has 4 levels with different types of obstacles and are some screenshots: LEVEL 1 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 you can check more about the game and...
  14. R

    I just made my first game well tutorial game

    I just finished the GMS2 D&D tutorial I'd like to tweak it a little bit, maybe make the boarder solid and when the spawning happens there needs to be a certain distance from the player, not sure where to go to learn how to do that all, maybe youtube. Please let me know what you think Cheers
  15. M

    GMS 2 How do I change spawn-point?

    Pretty straight-forward, how do I change spawn-point from the beginning of my room1 to next to my trigger-area when I go from room2 to room1.
  16. M

    GMS 2 How do I center an imported sprite?

    I'm currently working on my first game in Game Maker and I'm trying to put an imported sprite into the center of the image, is there any way I can do this in Game Maker itself?
  17. D

    Article Small Thesis

    Hello.. I'm student (High school) from Czech republic. My seminary work was to make a game in GM and part of it was upload video of a game (teaser) and post it here. It's my first bigger game via GM and i know i still have a lot of to learn about. I will continue working on it after i'm done...
  18. Slyddar

    Free Twos! - Puzzle and Strategy game

    Well it's time to release my first app on both IOS and Android, and I would love to hear any feedback from you, and see your scores on the leaderboards! Twos! is a puzzle and strategy game requiring quick thinking and efficient use of powerups to keep your board clear and generate higher...
  19. B

    Windows SpaceBirb

    Hi! Noobie here! This is the first game I have ever *actually* completed. Gameplay: It's very simple, just a clone of Flappy Bird but *drum roll* ... it's in space! Incredible! Here's a video of the game in action: You can download the executable here...
  20. P

    Free [2D Platformer] Mind's Lair - First Game made on GameMaker

    Mind's lair is a local coop platform game with horror features inspired by Lovecraft. You play as Nina and Emma Zann, two sisters trying to understand the mystery around their lives. Nina is an innocent and humble girl; She has an illness ever since she was born. This sickness manifests as a...