1. matharoo

    Android Diwali Fireworks 2018 - My First Android Game!

    Download This Diwali, bring the sky into your phone! Diwali Fireworks is a new and unique game about lighting the sky up with fireworks. Tap the rockets at the right time to make them explode into fireworks! What is Diwali? It's an Indian festival all about lights, firecrackers and...
  2. Mr Giff

    GMS 2 Help With Advanced Fireworks System

    Hey all, For all of you who have played RCT3 back in the day, you probably remember the impressive fireworks simulations you could create with it and the terrific modding community that made it so much better. I am looking to create a 2D version of that where you can program your own firework...
  3. J

    Android BAD RAIN - Dodge the toxic rain as if your life depends on it!

    Dodge the toxic raindrops (and other things) as if your life depends on it! If anything hits you, well, let's just say it isn't pretty. Unlock the more difficult levels by surviving for 60 seconds on the previous level. You can survive for 60 seconds, right? (Challenge issued!) Try BAD RAIN and...