1. 2

    SOLVED No Sprites and Backgrounds Appearing (Maybe Firewall Problem)

    I'm having a problem with sprites and backgrounds not appearing in any room and was told is was likely a firewall thing in an antivirus. I have Avast. What settings should I change to allow GMS2 to work properly?
  2. K

    Windows Error logging into Gamemaker

    So I just downloaded the Gamemaker Studio 2 client directly from the website and opened it up. Everything seemed to load fine, but when I go to login it puts out an error saying, "Unable to Login - Cannot reach" I've tried running the program as an administrator...
  3. C

    Windows Alternative stores

    I am searching for an online game store where I can publish my Windows game (free and paid version) without the problem that customers get warnings from Windows Defender when downloading installing or (first time) running the game. Specifically I look for alternatives for Windows Store and...
  4. andev

    GMS 2 GM2 easter egg

    As you block the connection attempts, game maker progressively uses angrier URLs
  5. XirmiX

    GML How to check for a free port?

    I know somebody mentioned before to me that they're put a system in their game where the program checks for free ports (between a range of ports) and uses whichever free port it can. While I cannot do that for my server without creating other problems (and I've found I don't actually need to), I...
  6. M

    Manually add exception to firewall?

    I'm having problems with the debugger - stuck at "waiting to connect" I've checked the docs but they make no mention of manually adding an exception to the firewall - they just breeze over it assuming you say "yes" if windows offers to add an exception to the windows firewall. I mean, what if...