1. clee2005

    Android Merging Android manifest from extensions

    Hi gang, I'm hoping someone can help me understand why I cannot replace this <meta-data> tag in the AndroidManifest.xml : <meta-data android:name="" android:resource="@drawable/notification_icon2" tools:node="replace"/> The...
  2. chirpy

    iOS UIApplicationDelegate implementation issues

    I'm branching from the official 2.3.1 release thread to not dilute other issues and discussions. @clee2005 First thing, yes the iOS_IAPs extension's code should be modified as well; otherwise it can...
  3. RizbIT

    Having a problem with firebase push notifications and cant bug report

    Trying to report a bug with push notifications as when user clicks on a push notification and the app is in the background then the aysnc push event is not triggered. tried to report this as a bug and it wont let me. I cant seem to get any help on this issue on the forum either
  4. RizbIT

    Push the Payload!

    Using Sending Test notifications from Firebase cloud messaging console using the test device fcm token. Now im receiving push notifcations as expected. When I click the notification...
  5. C

    How to add arguments to command line for iOS builds with GMS?

    I'm trying to run my iOS build with the following command line argument in Xcode : -FIRDebugEnabled. Every time I build with GMS, I must do the following in Xcode: In Xcode, select Product > Scheme > Edit scheme... Select Run from the left menu. Select the Arguments tab. In the Arguments...
  6. C

    iOS push notifications with Firebase

    Hi, I'm looking for help on how to setup remote iOS push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). There is plenty of help/tutorials for Android but I couldn't find anything for iOS. I read Absurds tutorial for Android which uses FCM and Altervista here...
  7. Mert

    Asset - Extension Firebase Machine Learning Kit - Language Identifer (FREE/Open Source)

    Game Maker Firebase ML Kit – Language Identifier extension allows you to identify and detect a sentence/word/context’s language by using Google’s Machine Learning Kit. Completely FREE & Open Source. Enjoy :) Documentation & For More Questions On Marketplace I share this extension on different...
  8. Mert

    Asset - Extension Firebase Machine Learning Kit - Translator (FREE/Open Source)

    Game Maker Firebase ML Kit - Translate Extension allows you to translate sentences from one language to another by using Google's Machine Learning Kit. (Uses the same engine that powers the Google Translate offline api) Literally, you can make your own small pocket translator, or you can...
  9. Mert

    Asset - Extension Firebase Performance Monitoring - FREE/Open Source

    Completely FREE & Open Source. Enjoy :) Enjoy :) Documentation & For More Questions On Marketplace I share this extension on different platforms, on reddit etc. If you have any questions, please try to post them on the blog as it is easier for me to keep track of questions. I'd be happy to...
  10. Mert

    Asset - Extension Game Maker Firebase Dynamic Links(URL Shortening & Online Invitations) / FREE (Open Source)

    Completely FREE & Open Source. Enjoy :) Notice that this extension also supports deep links, so if your game is opened by a deep link, you can read them too(Although I wrote them to work together with Firebase Dynamic Links) Edit : Also, it shortens your dynamic links. You can even create...
  11. Mert

    Asset - Extension Game Maker Firebase Remote Configs / Open Source [FREE]

    Completely FREE & Open Source. Enjoy :) Documentation & For More Questions On Marketplace I'm working on the other tools, I will also share them.
  12. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Firebase REST API

    Firebase REST API Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $150 Modules: All Support: Description: Firebase REST API WORKS ON ALL PLATAFORMS!!! VIDEO: This extension is supported by Game Maker...
  13. Stephane

    Discussion Looking for advice on promoting a bug ticket?

    We're launching our game and are showing some great numbers. Our plan is to invest in our worldwide launch (70 countries), however we've run into one problem. We've integrated Google Firebase for our real-time multiplayer as well as analytics. We have also set up FB Deeplinking for seamless...
  14. clee2005

    Android Gradle build with Google Firebase

    I managed to get Firebase Crashlytics to build but I have to put the "google-services.json" in the android/runner/project folder for it to get picked up by the build. This is fine for this one app... I'd rather not have to switch this file out for each build of different apps. Is there a...
  15. JesterOC

    Android Create Native Service Extension Android

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a native extension for android... specifically, i want it to do Firebase Cloud Messaging... The problem is that the service doesn't start. there are no errors, service(s) just don't start... anyone have any idea why? I've got this code in the extension under...
  16. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Firebase iOS, Android & Web

    Firebase iOS, Android & Web Marketplace: Primal category: Extension Price: $149.99 Modules: iOS, Android & HTML5 Support: This extension is supported by GameMaker Studio 2 Contact me if you have...
  17. U

    Android Firebase json problem

    Hello! I want to create own Google Firebase extension which adds analytics to my game. In Android Studio, i had to add google-services.json file to my-project/app folder. I wonder where i should add it in Game Maker. During builing i get this error: * What went wrong: Execution failed for task...
  18. ZeDuval

    HTML5 All Your Canvas Are Belong To Us - The HTML5 Module

    Hello everyone! The HML5 Module is beyond awesome! Learn why, just continue reading… This thread shall be a meeting place for all users of the HTML5-module - and of course for everyone else, who's interested! I would like to see this as a possibility to have some great discussions, have a...
  19. B

    Google Firebase Analytics

    Hi, I need to integrate analytics in my games. I was using Google Analytics, but recently Google switched to Firebase. When will yoyo update analytics demo? Here's similar post about my problem...