1. F

    Question - IDE I don't have my game's yyp, but I have exe & win and I want to decomiple it

    Hi, I'm coming here with pretty unusual question. So, I was working on an undertale fan-game, but my hard drive broke. I still have game's exe and win files because I uploaded it on mediafire. I'm not sure how can I prove I made it, but I have many screenshots of me working on game in gms2 and...
  2. SubWolf

    Android / Amazon Fire Wifi is loading a save file?

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem that I don't have a clue what is causing it... I have a script to LOAD my game data from a file (let's say the file name is "save.sav"), when the game starts I have an object that checks if the file exists: if (file_exists(working_directory + "save.sav"))...
  3. Kyrieru

    GMS 2 Seperate numbers in a string into an array? (solved)

    I'm loading a text file with lines like; 1,5,12 And I need to convert it into an array. I understand (more or less) how I would have to do this, but frankly as more of an artist than a programmer; when I think about it my soul tries to leave my body. Because I know I will stumble over it...
  4. S

    Help with file system

    So I am trying to make a system to save/load high scores, and to do that I need to know how to use the ds_grid and ini files. I need nine different sets of high scores, each containing up to ten entries, each entry consisting of a 4-letter name input by the player, followed by the score, and if...
  5. Posho

    Windows Proper Progress Display Within Loop?

    Hello, Hope you're all comfy and safe at home. I'm working on a project that exports like a thousand images upon clicking a button in-game. The game freezes until all images are exported, which takes about 15 seconds. As of now, I keep track of the exportation's progress by writing to the...
  6. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Few Quick Questions About Image Scaling/Importing

    Hello. Because my brain isn't filled with enough knowledge, there are questions to be answered, and this is the place I've chosen to ask them. The title probably says it all about what I am asking about. That's all I have to say before I ask these questions. The GMS documentation page about...
  7. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Load from file sandbox problem

    I want to load an image / sprite from file on disk outside sandbox post runtime. I have asked this question before and get the response you can't do it it's a sandbox. However I have reason to believe this is no longer the case. I have also found a button that says enable disable sandbox so...
  8. Startoz

    Fastest way to load a JSON/text file with tens of thousands of lines?

    Hi, I want to load a large JSON file (more than 40k lines when formatted) and decode it. The system that I'm using at the moment works perfectly fine if all the data is contained in one line (loading the text into a string takes less than 1 second). However, if the JSON is formatted, it takes...
  9. Coded Games

    Question - IDE Room and View files randomly duplicating themselves

    Hello all, So I recently noticed that GMS 2 (latest version) is duplicating room files for some reason. These rooms do not show up in GMS but I see the files in Finder (on MacOS). Has anyone else seen this problem or know a solution to it? Here are some screenshots: Some rooms being...
  10. E

    Is it possible to create and open a .bat file with gms?

    Is it possible to create and open a .bat file with gms, can you tell me the codes if possible
  11. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Include .ini file within project - advice please

    Hi. I'm making a puzzle game, and the puzzle layout is randomly generated. I've made a bot script that runs through every puzzle, and if it solves it, the random seed gets saved to a .ini file. This list of seeds will eventually number over 1,000, and the game picks one item from it -...
  12. Dilawlaw

    Android / Amazon Fire Problem with files on android

    Hi everyone, So after finishing a demo version of my android game, I wanted to include some trackers ( number of deaths on levels, time spent..etc) and give the demo to players, then the game save a file with all the stats which the players are supposed to send me back for my analytics The...
  13. Geners

    Is there any way to read ini files from within the project folder?

    I have made two projects, one is the actual game, and one is an editor I made inside game maker that creates ini files that my actual game will use that contains a ton of data the game will need to access. Is there any way I can move all these ini files I'm creating to the game project folder...
  14. M

    Android / Amazon Fire Check file size

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any way to check if a file size is more than certain kb. In this case, I want to check if the following file size is more than 50kb: working_directory+"/folder/test.jpg" Someone knows? Thank you in advance. Mataca
  15. QuinnlanVos

    Windows File Association? Double clicking file opens file in Game?

    I am making a windows based program that saves and loads a custom ini file (not ".ini" diff extension) Is there any Dll's or any way at all to let windows know that this custom file ext is associated with my program? I would also then need a way to begin my program with opening this file. Is...
  16. GMWolf

    Asset - Scripts Static data - load files right into globals!

    Static Data on the marketplace Static data helps you load your data by completely eliminating the need for calling functions! Just add a file to the included files and have it show up as a global variable! Comes with txt, csv, json and bin file loaders out of the box. Easily add your own...
  17. Enreeper

    How to replace sprites[solved]

    I wanted to create a small jump and run editor, but I have 2 problems 1.I have a room I can draw pixels that pixels can I export as a screenshot Now I want the game takes the images and replace the sprites 2. Is it possible to save a map like this Object: ini_open ( "map.ini")...
  18. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension File Dropper (for Windows and macOS)

    [Made for GameMaker Studio 2] This extension is for Windows and macOS. Allows you to drag and drop files and folders to your game window. Returns the full path to every file dropped separated by a new line. The DLL's full source code included. Very big thanks to Josh Ventura, for writing...
  19. S

    Windows Finding the actual program directory

    Does anyone know how to find where the actual executable is stored? I've tried using program_directory and working_directory but they just return locations stored in app data. I'm trying to have my game packaged in a zip with a text file that includes data about the weapons in the game. Is this...
  20. Kentae

    [Solved] Create custom file format

    I just have a simple question this time. Is it possible, within GMS 1.4, to create your own file format? To explain further: Say you have all the info for a 3D model, vertecies, normals, UVs and so on, and you want to export this as your own custom format. How, if possible without a DLL, would...