file system

  1. S

    Legacy GM Surface_save to a sub directory? (SOLVED)

    I have been looking for a while now, and I cant seem to find a way to save surfaces to, or even move a saved surface file to a sub-directory I created. Am I missing something? or the folder creation only for text files? The reason I want this is because upon exiting a room in my current game...
  2. G

    iOS Bug with file functions in iOS? Creating a file does not seem to work, "no such file" error.

    I check for the existence of a file and, if it does not exist, create it, like so: global.privacy_consent = false; if (!file_exists("privacy_consent.bhsl")) { show_debug_message("* Privacy_consent.bhsl did not exist, creating it."); var privacy_consent_map = ds_map_create()...
  3. M

    Android How to save a screenshot in the Downloads folder

    Hey there, quick question. I have been reading up on the whole game maker sandboxed situation, because my project requires saving a file in the Download or another accessible directory. I can not use the default working_directory, because its unaccesible to the user without root. Any ideas...
  4. Erayd

    Windows Missing Folder

    I always create an 'Assets' folder inside of the game maker project folder for each game I am working on. Then inside that folder I have sub folders for music or specific art pieces. I decided to start working on a new project today, went to an old one to get a jump start on the project and I...
  5. Ronchon

    Windows Getting the full AppData game directory address

    Greetings! Of the current 3 directory variables (program_directory , temp_directory, working_directory ), none outputs directly the AppData address where the game locates all the working files. I need to get that address, that i'm trying to store in a global variable. I am talking about that...
  6. Kaliam

    GMS 2 GMS2 subdirectories using directory_create();

    Hello, I struggled with this simple issue for a bit because I was unable to find anything on the forums about this so here is just a small post for your education. To create a subdirectory using directory_create() you will need to use a double backslash like this to separate your directories...
  7. L

    How to load content downloaded from Steam Workshop

    How do I work with items that the user subscribed on teh steam client, and that are already downloaded in his machine? For example, a item on my game's which I subscribed to is on folder c:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\<app id>\<item id>. This is returned by steam_ugc_get_item_install_info...
  8. J

    File storage ("gm_ttt_xxxx") issue

    Hi guys! I'm in a projects in wich it will be needed almost 1000 images that I'll have to find and edit by myself, it is about memes, and, yeah, the pics are memes. I realy don't wanna add sprite by sprite, and want not to have 1000 sprites in the resource tree, even in a group. So, the best...
  9. Anixias

    Legacy GM How can I open a file for reading in the %appdata% location?

    In order to just be able to find the files I have defined in this location, I had to do this: var dir = working_directory; dir = string_copy(dir,1,string_pos("Local",dir)-1); dir += "Roaming\Anetia\"; Anetia is the name of my game btw. Anyway, I am able to find files in dir+"Data\Items\*.json"...
  10. Master Maker


    I am needing help for a program that will allow a user, in-game, to select the game's background music from a file/cd. I tried programming it, but it didn't work.
  11. F

    Legacy GM File size limits loaded to memory

    Hello I'm creating some kind of open world engine and here some problems with file loading. However this is barely noticeable, but loading chunks is some problem and I decided to load it less frequently, bigger file to memory with many chunks stored in one map. Now I have single chunk file...
  12. Yambam

    Android Is there any way to check the files my game includes/writes on Android?

    I couldn't get the zip_unzip function to work properly, so I thought it would be useful to be able to browse the working directory of my game on Android. I tried ES File Explorer and rooting my device to see all files, but I couldn't find anything related to my game, that I simply installed by...