file size

  1. H

    iOS Minimum file size IOS

    Hi All, I wa playing around with a blank project to learn screen size management on mobile devices, but just noticed that the file size is much bigger than I expected. When I archived the project in Xcode I saw the file size in finder was around 40 mb. My project does not have anything in it...
  2. Sozidar

    GMS 2 [Solved] How to reduce the file size of the saved buffer?

    Original png file size is 3.58 kb and file size of the saved buffer is 1088 kb, which is kinda sad. Is there a way around this, or am I doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated :) w = 128; h = 2176; surf = surface_create(w,h); surface_set_target(surf)...
  3. C

    Graphics Reduce size of graphics file (SOLVED)

    Hi there, I am (as a GML beginner) building a 2D game with 40 1920x1080 static background pictures (mostly jpg, some png) and I like to reduce the volume burden these files will cause in the installation package. I am willing to lose some quality. But what option will serve my goal, using GMS2...
  4. G

    Asset - Graphics Huge High Quality Art Pack - File Size Limiations

    I spent the last few days making a huge art pack for the yoyogames marketplace. Sadly I can not upload it.... The 50 mb file size limitation makes it essentially impossible to upload high-quality art packs. You can view the trailer for the unreleased pack here - Is there any way to sidestep...
  5. C

    Legacy GM GM:S Is Creating Oversized Executables

    Hello, I'm Caleb. I have been using GameMaker: Studio for the past couple years and have made a game out of it that I'm quite proud of. However, when I tried to create an executable for the game today, something I've never seen before happened. Even though I've created executables for my game...
  6. RyanC

    Android Game Crashes On Startup - if project is over 30MB

    I've finally got around to testing my game on Android and I'm wondering why I have to delete nearly half the project's resources to make the game run on Android? Doesn't matter which resources so it can't be corrupted files or anything! Could this be a RAM issue? Same results on Google Nexus7...
  7. J

    Graphics Should I use 8-bit or 16-bit PNGs?

    In order to conserve space in the .apk file for my game, I'm considering using PNG assets with a bit depth of 8 rather than 16. Does anyone have any advice against this? Thanks, Jacob