file download

  1. flykidsblue1

    Idea Is GITHUB a viable way of storing files for my games?

    Hey everyone! So I basically want to add a "news" section in my game where users can be informed of any upcoming updates to my game/games and what not. I was using the http_get_file(); funtion to download the "" file. I was first thinking of using google drive, but each time I delete the...
  2. giraffeman210

    How do I make my file into an msix or appx file?

    I am trying to publish my GMS2 game on the microsoft store but it needs to me an msix file or an appx file. I have a developer licence but it only downloads as an exe file. How do I do it? Thanks!
  3. W

    File Saving to Directory/Downloading

    So as an example, Say that I've took a screenshot using the "screen_save(fname)" command but I don't want this file in my working directory. I want it in my documents or downloads or on my external HDD. Is it possible? How? What happens across various exports and devices? As in how would...
  4. H

    File downloading extension?

    A year ago I found an extension that lets you download files.. Now, I'm not talking about GM File Downloader It was something that had functions like your download speed, didn't freeze the game while downloading, you could get the percentage of the downloading progress.. So, does anyone know...