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  1. D

    Object_ID Help

    Hi, first time posting here. The prefix feature doesn't work or I'd have set it to GMS2. I'm developing a fighting game and working on character state machines right now. Primarily these state scripts need to change values of the instance calling them. I've looked through a number of forum...
  2. P

    Fighting game - Players get "stuck" on ground after implementing hitlag

    I'm stumped on this problem. After I implemented hitlag, when a player uses a specific aerial attack and land on the ground while the attack is still out (and the other player was it), they transition to idle state as intended. But then if you try to move left or right, while you still go into...
  3. Bukmand

    Free Soul Stealer - Online Fighting Beat'em Up Arena

    Features: Online Multiplayer from 1v1 to 4v4 500 Mission to finish. 100+ Quest to complete. 28 Characters to unlock. Smooth mechanics. Arcade mode. Workshop mode [Choose a character and choose from 5 spells from all characters] 5 Spells for each character. Online Leaderboard Gameplay Video...
  4. JABSphere94

     Theater of Mons, 2d fighting game (Prototype build)

    My first time uploading a game, Theater of Mons is planned to be a 2-D fighting game where players control teams of monsters that evolve as they fight and survive. The aim of Theater of Mons is to be accessible to newer players while still feeling open ended for veteran players. When a monster...
  5. Bukmand

    Windows Soul Steal - Beat em up arcade game

    Soul Steal is beat em up game, each character has 5 abilities to use that has cooldown. Each match is short as 3 minutes. Features: - 5 Abilities for each character. - Perfect gameplay mechanics. - 1v1 or 2v2 or unbalanced. - Achievements. - Bug free. Controls: Moving: WASD Attacking...
  6. C

    Free Lunesta

    UPDATE: Now Alpha 1.4 released for public. It's not that great visually imo, but is getting there. I needed feedback on the tutorial. HISTORY: Hi all. I've been plugging away at programmed animation because I was bored and wanted to freshen up on log...
  7. C

    GMS 2 I decided to make a custom animation for my game using pieces

  8. Edu Shola

    Android Stickman Fight - Dark Adventures / Magic Brawl {FREE} Fight Darkest Battles In The Latest Offline Platformer Action Game of 2019 **Offline Single Player Campaign Mode (Dark Adventures) You are a sorcerer stickman and you are to embark on a dark adventure in...
  9. wilmer

    Android Boxing Panama [ ANDROID ]

    Boxing Panama, is a video game that I renewed in GMS2. It is a boxing video game with atypical rules, where you must face 11 boxers, being "King" the Boss of the plot, a being from another planet that returns to Earth with evil intentions to dominate a select group of strong fighters and...
  10. J

    Cretaceous Carnage Cretaceous Carnage is a dinosaur fighting game created in 48 hours. Four unique characters Two players local Play against ai opponents This game was made in a jam and is released in its current state for the moment but we are working on updates...
  11. wilmer

    Legacy GM Choose random numbers and discard those that come out [Resolved]

    Greetings to all: I need help please with this code that I found, I want to use it to put it in a single room, and every time I go to that room, the code will show a random number and discard those that are already coming out. for example from 1 to 9, if it came out 5, it has to go from 1 to 9...
  12. P

    Released Colorsseum: A Brawler with MOBA-style Abilities

    There are six colors in the rainbow, but there are only four colors in the Colorsseum! Orange is the fire spitting mage, who hails from the deserts and uses his staff to bake desserts. Blue is the ice lobbing caster, who used to be made of water but reached her freezing point when she moved to...
  13. wilmer

    GML Implement Spine functions for a State Machine

    Greetings to everyone in the Community: I need help with this, I have some codes that are to create a State Machine for the enemy, a fighting game, you see that there are some variables that assign different Sprites for each state, but I prefer to use Spine 2d Animation to create the animations...
  14. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI of the Opponent Fighting Game (sprites imported from Spine)

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  15. wilmer

    Legacy GM Help to Improve AI [SOLVED]

    Greetings to Everyone in the Community:
  16. T

    Job Offer - Programmer [GMS2] Traditional Fighting Game Engine

    UPDATE: We have already selected someone to be our programmer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me just cut to the chase. I'm heavily interested in fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. I've always wanted to make one but TFGs are some of the hardest games to program. Throw...
  17. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Diagonal Jump

    I'm making a fighting game with movement physics which is the same as Shaun Spalding's Platformer video Create Event grav = 1.5; hsp = 0; vsp = 0; jumpspeed = 20; movespeed = 4; last_dir = 1 inv=false dir=1 jumps=0 jumpsmax=1 Step Event: ///Input key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right) ||...
  18. Velocity

    Spawning Wrong Characters in Wrong Rooms

    Hey, So I'm making a Fighting Game like Street Fighter... And IN it, I have an "arcade ladder", where you fight different characters as the game progresses. But I'm having a problem, where it's spawning the wrong character for the room it's currently in. So I made an arcade ladder...
  19. Velocity

    Score Tracker Counting XP

    Hey, So I'm making a Fighting Game like Street Fighter. And I'm working on a score tracker system. But I was wondering how you might make a score tracker that tallies up points, counting XP with a counter after the fight. Not unlike in Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII when the game is...
  20. Velocity

    Fighting Game Score Tracker

    Hey, So I'm making a Fighting Game like Street Fighter. And I want to make it so that after you play a fight, your character levels up, depending on how the fight goes. My problem is, I don't know HOW to assign points to the player. And I don't know how I would determine how MUCH points they...