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  1. K

    Physics Based Stickman Melee Simulator

    Hello and thanks for the view. I'm working on a game for the Google Play Store (and hopefully Steam eventually). I am sorry I could not let you try it on Windows, I have not yet bought that module for GMS 2. It is a physics based melee combat game where you play as a stick figure fighting in an...
  2. L

    GML Fighting game round problem code

    Im pretty new to game maker but currently i have made myself a fighter game. Everything works including health bars and attacks What im struggling on in making code for a round based system. Im not sure how to implement such a code. when the game starts it will be state = round1, when...
  3. GarlicGuy

    Beta LET'S FIGHT - Simple Two Button Fighter

    LET'S FIGHT! Two-button fighter using A and S keys. A very simple fighter and a small side project! Project started on: 5/5/19 Each character uses a single sprite with 19 frames. Each character is also from my various unfinished projects. Right now I have 8 characters planned out. With how...
  4. P

    Released Colorsseum: A Brawler with MOBA-style Abilities

    There are six colors in the rainbow, but there are only four colors in the Colorsseum! Orange is the fire spitting mage, who hails from the deserts and uses his staff to bake desserts. Blue is the ice lobbing caster, who used to be made of water but reached her freezing point when she moved to...
  5. C

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] keyboard_lastkey issues

    I'm following the tutorial from rm2kdev on fighting game input and everything was going pretty well until I decide to just try the Hadoken combination(DRp, p is a light punch). However, when I tried it, the input_chain comes as either RRp, or if I do it very fast it will come as ppp. I'm...
  6. Field Magic

    Released King of the Streets, 2d Fighting game

    KING OF THE STREETS '18 KING OF THE STREETS WEBSITE : http://kos2.weebly.com King of the Streets '18 is the spiritual successor to King of the Streets which I released almost 7 years ago. Inspired by Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and a homeage to classic 2d Fighters, King of the Streets...
  7. kupo15

    Alpha Rising Spirit: Fighting Game 2 Animation Updates

    About Rising Spirit is a 2D traditional fighting game with the feel of a platform brawler smoothly blended together to create its own experience and game type. This fusion grants us the ability to create a unique fighting game in which each player has freedom and flexibility within the playstyle...