1. Andrew R. C. Beck

    Demo Shapes In The Sky - A Breakout Arcade Game!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlespoons! I would like to introduce you to Shapes in the Sky! SO! What is this game about? In Shapes in the Sky you are a ship tasked with defending the world from invading aliens that have come to be known as Sky Shapes. Using your ship, you must blast an energy ball at...
  2. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Curse of the eastern god

    Curse of the Eastern God was made in 48 hours as an entry for Ludum Dare 43 (accessible here: It is a game where everyone is affected by a CURSE. A CURSE which forces your screen to either remain in place or move to the right (and...
  3. Mytchall Bransgrove

    Short Stories?

    Anyone else like writing short stories? (Share your experiences) What are your thoughts on this insightful piece that came to me as I was half-asleep thinking of what to do for dinner: And then my mind came to a crashing standstill. Eyes wide open I looked up at the afternoon glow of dying...