1. E

     Line game

    Hello, I'm developing my first game (very slowly in my spare time). It's sort of inspired by super hexagon, and something my mother plays on her tablet with a panda in it. (Scores normally displayed in the middle of the circle, and the 100 relates to the charge in the meter above and is...
  2. J

     GMS2 Observations

    System info: Windows 10 Single monitor, 1080p 8GB RAM 2011-era Intel Core i5 GeForce GTX970 Some perspective... not really a GameMaker veteran. C++/ObjC dev who is tired of programming :) My test case here is taking a medium sized C++ codebase for a 2D diablo-esque game and trying to...
  3. N

     On how to improve GMS2 Workflow

    Im just playing around with the engine at this moment, and it looks as easy to pick up as GMS1. BUT, i feel like nitpicking, there are some details that i think could make this a more enjoyable experience: -If you have the room editor open, going from the room tab to any other workspace tab...
  4. S

     I can't press backspace if I hold shift

    Sometimes, when I'm writing characters that require shift, I also hold shift while I press backspace. If I'm writing code in GMS2, shift and backspace together doesn't work.
  5. H

    Discussion Hippyman's Super Important Opinions and Suggestions

    This will be my go to topic to post my opinions on the new IDE as well as any suggestions I might have. I'll continue to add more as I use the program. [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  6. N

     Gradius Fangame

    -----October 22 2016----- Hello there! I am currently making a fangame of Konami's Gradius(In the style of Gradius III). I currently have a semi-functional menu, a ship select mechanic(similar to gradius gaiden, falchion ß is currently somewhat broken(I messed up it's sprite)). Send me feed back...
  7. Posho

     Holding Out Your Game's Visibility

    All I've ever shown on the internet are prototypes and game jams, but I've never really shown this full-length project that I've been working for arguably three years. I love getting feedback and attention just like the next guy but -in my head- it seems that showing off a project that is going...
  8. T

    Windows GoldenDuck Experimental

    GoldenDuck Experimental is a little 2D Platformer / Jump and Run Game. In 2015 i started Development on this Game, but i lost interest in it very quickly, so i stopped working on this Game, but just some Days ago i found an old Project File of this Game, and i added and fixed many Things :)...
  9. csanyk

    Question - General How to deal with a negative review?

    I received a new review on one of my assets recently. Unfortunately, it's a 1-star review. It seems that rather than contact me with a bug report, or post on the official thread I'd set up for my asset, the buyer opted to leave a 1-star review complaining about the asset package having a...
  10. G

    YoYo Tutorial Feedback: Intermediate -> Scripting

    In the example code provided, there is a while loop which ends up in an infinite loop because it's missing an "exit". The game quietly hangs and it's not an easy thing to troubleshoot so new GameMakers will likely get hung up on it. The problematic example code is on page 7 of 7. // Easy...
  11. I

    Demo released 30-9-2016. "Programming" puzzle game inspired by TIS-100 and Spacechem

    EDIT: New version released 19/10/2016 fixing some bugs and graphic changes. Enjoy EDIT (30-9-2016): I improved the tutorial and many other things. Got rid of many bugs, and made shaders optional. Give it a try...
  12. G

    Feedback: YoYo Tutorials -> Beginner -> Particles

    I'm still working my way through the tutorial which has been "illuminating" so thanks and much appreciated. On Page 9 of 12, under "Coding a Burst Emitter", the 3rd code example, on line 12 of the code block, there appears to be assignment operators where you would expect conditional operators...
  13. mystigris

     IGCD Rally Raid

    IGCD Rally Raid Download The Game Authors: Mystigris, Rinspeed Release Date: 15/07/2016 Game Development The game is playable, it works with a system of weekly updates. I regularly add new features, modifications... The Game: IGCD Rally Raid is a top down view race game. It has 2...
  14. B

     Dynamic Blocks - experimenting

    What is this you ask? Well, it's a soon-to-be-game called 'Tuvo' that has been more or less in development since 2013. When it's released in 2045, it will be a procedurally generated dangerous roguelikelikelike combined with more peaceful dwellings in places that you've never heard of before -...
  15. H

    Work in progress title - blook [Puzzle]

    “blook" is a puzzle game we are developing for you. Features of blook: - Smart gameplay, generating the best feelings for blookers; - 100+ Levels, keeping blookers entertained (until they receive new levels!); - A minimalist design, providing a peaceful space for blookers; - blooker aid! How...
  16. ShaunJS

    Your thoughts: The Marketplace Library

    Hey guys, I've known for a while that many developers aren't keen on the marketplace library / marketplace workflow in GM:S. I have my own opinions on the matter of course but I wanted to gather some specifics from you guys. The marketplace as a whole is less important here, specifically...
  17. Frozen Stick

     Cell-arium:V Venture into the body

    Cellarium: Welcome to the body! Cell-arium is a game about a rare virus that is mostly found on mummies.An archaeologist discovers this virus and blah blah blah not important! This is the first project me and my brother have started together! This is the very first prototype and many things...
  18. J

     Space Dystopia: PvE Asteroids spin-off, lasers and explosions

    Steam Workshop: ZIP (3rd July 2016): I've been working on this project during my spare time, and it's the first game I'm willing to show to the public. It's not exactly the most original concept...
  19. L

    Life is Harsh Development Diary

    Hello My name is Rudolf Michna and I started my first serious project in Game Maker Studio. At the beginning I have to mention that English is not my first language and I still developing skills in Game Maker Studio and English. I haven't finished the idea and whole design of Life Is Harsh. But...
  20. Repix

    Alpha Battlerun [Simplistic Side-scrolling RPG]

    Download: Size: 2.13MB Version: 0.03 Attack Chests to get ITEMS, AMMO and UPGRADES!