1. J

     Stability of HTML and Android runtimes?

    Hi, It's been days since I last posted anything about GMS2. The GMS2 HTML and Android targets are so bad, I ended up rewriting my game from scratch in GMS1.4. GMS1.4 is pretty good, but even with the latest 1.4 stable build, HTML runner fails when a physics object is added to the room (I...
  2. E

    Alpha Very Early Alpha Sanbox Game (Untitled as of yet)

    NOTICE If you are getting the below issue please temporarly disable your antivirus (you can check the file beforehand by right clicking on it.) Proof that it's safe (with one false positive) About me Hi there my name's Tom/Donkey I make GameMaker tutorials and after a lot of hard work I...
  3. zendraw

     Castle Ambush

    So i made a game last year and worked on it for a week or two but stopped working on it, and decided to share it with you guys, to see what you think about it. Genre: tactical/top-down Controlls: arrow keys- move/turn W- wait A/S weapon 1/ weapon 2 Escape- menu E- use[hold button] F- chess...
  4. joqlepecheur

    Demo Cool Headed, tactical puzzle

    Hello everyone, After 2 important completed projects, I am launching the greenlight campaign for Cool Headed Cool Headed is a tactical puzzle game for windows: pick your level on the overworld choose your team give orders...
  5. S

    Demo Live(A real open world)(alph beta demo)

    Live by @SyntheticStorm9 Live is a game were hopefully you can chooses your own life and do what you please, and I don't just mean this way or this way choose, no, I mean forge your own path, Hopefully to...
  6. M

    Android I Hate Dots! an experiment in minimalism Heya! Here's my attempt at making a valid and entertaining game from as simple a gameplay concept as possible. I've got a full drive of half-finished "big" (read "complicated" ) personal GMS projects so I decided to take a break...
  7. F

    Windows Jumper

    Hi there, I have complete my second game (Jumper) -- I am here mostly looking for feedback. Overview Jumper is a 2D platformer where you control a character to get past obstacles, there are 5 levels in total & background music. the scripting was mostly made from tutorials. the music I made it...
  8. P

    Apex - Zombies

    WINDOWS DOWNLOAD - Controls: MOVE - WASD Weild Weapon - Right mouse Use Weapon - Left mouse Interact - left mouse no right mouse The time has almost come!! This epic one man project after over a years worth of toil...
  9. Scrydan

    Question - Code [Suggestion] Movable Instance Object layer/group

    I have been looking into this lately and been wrapping my head around the limitation of layer moving. For the past week I have been re-implementing some things in my old project while I looked into this. The layer system is quite cool and can easily in my opinion be used to manipulate whole...
  10. Z

     I'm Making Two Games, Which Should I Finish?

    Hello Guys! I've made some quick prototypes of two game ideas I've had, but it has come to the point where I need to focus on one and I'm not sure which I should work on. I was hoping you guys could give me some advice on what you'd rather see finished. Critiques are welcome as I'm looking to...
  11. Gamerev147

    Demo Top Down Project || Feedback?

    Hello! Many of you know me; I created Warcraze. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! It's released! :) Anyway, after making Warcraze I realized: "What was I thinking?! I can do so much better!" So I started on this project. This is a top down shooter where your goal is to shoot any...
  12. Zuljaras

    Demo Castletoria - (Metroidvania Game)

    Hello everyone! This is Castle of Nightmares! I started this project 3 years ago ... or more. I made big breaks for 6-8 months each and then start developing again. I got help from many in these forums. All graphics are hand drawn in MS Paint - because it is THE BEST!!! LATEST DEMO OF THE...
  13. piranha305

     code folding... please

    this version of game maker studio is really awesome, loving every bit. i think having code folding in the editor would be amazing! thanks for the great product, keep up the good work!!!
  14. G

    GMC Forums Feedback for feedback

    Hello everyone! So I have been thinking about this idea for awhile now and I think it is about time to make it happen. As a game developer when you are working on your game, one very important factor is to get feedback in order to improve it and stay motivated to go on. There are a lot of games...
  15. M

    Alpha Lunar Assault

    Hello everyone! This is a game that I've been developing for about 2 weeks, it's still an early version of the game and I want to receive some feedback on what I've made so far. :D It's a rather simple platformer shooter game, but I plan to expand more on it. Screenshots: The...
  16. D

    Released Erin: The Last Aos Sí

    Hi guys, I've been working on my first game for quite some time now and it's finally in somewhat presentable state. The goal was to create a mobile game that can be played in short bursts, that would make a good use of touch input and require at least two brain cells. Any feedback would be...
  17. M

     IDE, speed, and stuff

    Few things I would like to say about GMS2. First the good: Looks amazing, professional, sexy as hell. The built in tutorials, awesome, and all the other stuff. just cool. Suggestions: Middle click does open help for built in methods, but could navigate you around when clicking on your own...
  18. FatalSleep

     Global Variables Syntax Color

    In GameMaker, "global" has been a keyword since the beginning, however it is now a "constant." This is weird and doesn't make much sense to the eyes or syntactically. Could we get "global" to be considered a keyword again for the sake of syntax highlighting?
  19. C

    Windows Cutscenes

    So a lot of time went into thinking about how I would do a cutscene for my project. And well, I had already invisioned a basic static image system for the boss sequences. So I figured consistency was more important than say awesome features :P Then I did some work with a friend on the menu...
  20. E

     Feedback on GMS2

    So far Game Maker Studio 2 seems promising and I bought it as soon as I could, however upon trying to make a game with it I am finding a good number of things I would like to say about it. It may seem mostly negative but I like the program and I want to switch to using it completely and not feel...