1. H

    Wacky Tacky Fighters (W.T.F.) - Fighting Card Game

    Hello, this is my first time posting here. However I have been making a card game for the past year or so with Game Maker and wish to get some feedback from you guys. Wacky Tacky Fighters (W.T.F.) is a fighting card game that allows you to pit Mages against Mechs; Ninjas against Dinosours and...
  2. G

     8Th Sense 2D HandDrawn Platformer Demo.

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting here, and after I've seen some of your great work I decided to join the WIP movement :D. I made this game for a game jam, but because I was still too slow at coding, I could barely get basic things done, and the game was, obviously, received with very...
  3. FlashyAlpaca

    Alpha Alaive: The Early Development Page

    Hello all and welcome to the official Dev page for Alaive, a 2D action/adventure RPG where your choices impact the result of the game. I posted a question on a different forum regarding the game and got several requests to start a dev page for updates and such, so here it is! Right now, we'll...
  4. yvodlyn

    Windows Cute Fist

    Hey Guys! Here is my new 90% finished game. For now, I only upload images. say what you think! Title Screen 1 player screen 1 player gameworld 2 player screen 2 player gameworld
  5. G

     Immortal - 2D Survival Arcade Game

    Immortal is a survival/puzzle game where you play as an Immortal Jellyfish (this is a real animal, btw). As The Jelly, you dream of living forever. But it's hard to do in the deep blue sea, where predators of all shapes and sizes come to eat, stab, or burn you. The objective of most levels is...
  6. N

     Unnamed Ball Game

    Hello! So when programming games I just try to find something that plays nice and feels original. I was kind of happy with an idea of the player having to shoot a little ball into a target, but making it complex. I tried my best to make the game and would like to show it to you and ask for any...
  7. sv3nxd

    Beta AdoraHop - Tiny Arcade Game

    Hey there! A few days ago I began programming this little title and wanted some opinions and feedback before adding more content into it. The game is heavily inspired by doodle-jump, which I used to play a lot on my mobile back then. The main-goal is reaching as far up as possible without...
  8. S

    Question - General Can I make a suggestion / give feedback on the design of the Marketplace?

    Sorry if this isn't the place for feedback, I didn't see a category for that on the forum, and a google search just led back here. Please delete this if this shouldn't be here. I just visited the marketplace for the first time, just to see what was available, but found its layout prevented me...
  9. Z

     Knight Time! Coming to PC and Android

    Hey guys! My talented artist friend and I have been working on the world of Knight Time in GameMaker for the past few months and have gotten some good work done on it so far. Knight Time is a wave-based survival combat game. You use the mouse or phone screen to click and drag the player out...
  10. Chaser


    hi guys and gals, which you think is better, A or B? I think B, but be interested in what you think.:) The finished sprite sheet character will be 32x32 in size, give and take for animations.
  11. T

     [suggestion] option in preferences for Ctrl+Tab to default to workspaces

    Hey gang -- I love GMS2 and this is an incredibly minor issue. It's not even an issue, just something I thought of today that might save a few folks some time. From an outsider's perspective, it seems like it would be pretty simple to implement, but who knows. I would love an option in...
  12. S

    Graphics Shadows or light - style feedback request!

    Evening all, I am at a cross roads in design and looking for thoughts - heavy shadows or lighter environments? I like the impact and atmosphere of the light points in the heavy shadow but I think the lighter environment provides more visual clarity and allows the player more information (also...
  13. Meowanator

    Graphics Want Feedback on my Title Screen!

    I want to know how to improve my title screen for my game, Castlevania Maker. I think that the 'Maker' part is strange, so I want feedback on it.
  14. MIchael PS

     BLOODREAMER [Major UPDATE] changed environment

    BLOODREAMER v. 0.2.8 Hello, Me and the other members of Raw Egg Studio are curently working on a game called BLOODREAMER!!! You are stuck in your own mind and you try to wake up, fighting all your nightmarish monsters that are crawling in you imagination... Here is a link to the game...
  15. A

    GML Is there any particular reason why expressions cannot be indexed multiple times?

    It's kind of strange that statements like "a[i ][j] = b[i ][j]" aren't allowed in GML. It's not something I've ever seen in any other language, and it doesn't really make sense. Indexing is basically a function that takes whatever's in front of it and reduces its dimension by one, something...
  16. R

     The Last Village

    Hi, I recently started my first game project, called The Last Village. The game is still in a very early early early early early beta state. But it is becoming more of a real game by every update. I got inspiration from games like Anno and Northgard. I love coding but like you can probably see I...
  17. NicoFIDI

    Alpha [Roguelike] Torre truhán (A dungeon crawler)

    Torre truhán (Rogue tower) Genre: Roguelike (classic), Dungeon crawler, Survival. GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Android, Windows. Download link (Google drive): v00_01_006 Game information: Torre truhán it's a classic...
  18. A

    Windows How to remove notice error happened when running the game?

    Я помню, что в GM 8.1 была функция: не показывать сообщения об ошибках в игре. Есть ли функция в GMS 2? MOD EDIT: Google Translate says: "I remember that in GM 8.1 there was a function: do not show error messages in the game. Is there a function in GMS 2?"
  19. J

     Sprite/Level Design feedback

    Hi i'm currently making a game and was just wanting some opinions on the art style. Which would be greatly appreciated.
  20. 0

    HTML5 10 inches or less [Ludum Dare 40]

    Hi everyone My team, Almost Panda (link below), made a puzzle game for Ludum Dare, the jam's theme was "the more you have the worse it is" So we made this puzzle where you grow up in size by collecting goo. But the thing is: you don’t want to grow up! In order to beat each level you must be at...