1. T

     Pixel Explorer

    Hello! I'm working on a game (Pixel Explorer = temporary name). I have no idea what it's going to be or what its direction will be, I'm just working on it adding features almost every day. I've been working on it since 17/1/2019 and I'm about to devlog it on youtube by uploading one video by per...
  2. flyinian

    Design [solved]How should I go about this?

    The last few days I have been creating the code for my game which is planned to be primarily a plat former along with a base to defend/upgrade(tower defense) and also with an unknown amount of idle mechanics. My game would be a mix of Terraria/swords souls/clicker heroes/rpgelements, 2d...
  3. C

     How Could I get People to try a Game?

    So about three hours ago I posted a thread in the Work in Progress part of the forums on a game I'm working on. I need feedback on it to make it better and I don't know how I could find people (other than friends) to play test it and get feedback. So are there ways to publish a game to areas or...
  4. yvodlyn

    Released Sokoban

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a Sokoban game. The game will have simple graphics because I don't know how to draw. And, I use glow effects and neon effects to increase the beauty of my basic arts. Here some images about the games. let me know if these graphics are good. Thxt!
  5. Fabseven

    WIP the defender, need advices (game = 100D)

    Hello there, I am still working on my game named "100 Days to survice" (code name = 100D) but i do not know what to do next to improve the game. (other then "help", "sound" and "balancing" stuff i mean) You can test the game with this link ...
  6. BenSunhoof

     Wizard of zOz (first game)

    You've been granted a hand by the memery gods. Fend off aggressive memes and destroy 30 to save the world. WASD to move, LMB to shoot. Watch out for your memery bar, if you deplete it, I'll think you're very inattentive. This is not supposed to be a good game. This is my first ever full...
  7. yvodlyn


    Here is a mini project that I am doing. I started it with Heartbeast videos (Hack'n Slash Series) . I can not wait to see what that will give at the end. I added a xp bar, a lifebar and a door for, depending on what I want to do, be able to go to another level.
  8. Nodamex

    Alpha Lufulus' Creatures ARPG

    Lufulus' Creatures I want to introduce my game, Lufulus' Creatures. It is an action RPG. Your feedback is very important for me. The game is physics-based, singleplayer and 2D. It can be played on Steam now, but private key is needed. If anyone wants to test the game, just message me. I will...
  9. D

     An idea to give a character player diven personality.

    I'm working on a little side project that has some life-sim elements akin to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. Mostly forming relationships with the various townsfolk and ultimately marrying and raising a family with one. One of the things I am experimenting with is to give your player character...
  10. T

     Pixel art TD game: Town Defender

    Here is my pixel art TD game I've been working off and on for the past few weeks. It currently has 5 playable levels, 4 tower types, and 7 different enemies. I've been working on this in the time off following a traumatic event and I've been running out of ideas. If you have any feedback (other...
  11. T

     What Do You Think About The Pixel Art I made.

    Hi, I'm developing a game and I decided to re-make most of the game textures. I made everything except for the sky/clouds and the textures that are still in a "work in progress" are the trees and stones (Can't draw trees very well XD). Any feedback on the overall "aesthetic" / Graphics are...
  12. B

     SOS-CC; IOS rpg game w/ rogue-like elements (inspired by Binding of Isaac & Zelda)

    Hello All, I have been nervous posting this here and showing off my game. Mainly for the fact it’s my very first game I have ever attempted and ever made. So the feedback scares me a little. Have to get over that though, as I’m nearing completion. Here are some screenshots. I have some debug...
  13. T

     Farside Rpg : Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite

    Hello everyone, I'm developing a game called "Farside Rpg" which is based on a Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite genre. I've already made a working enemy, melee, ranged, and stats system also there is a semi-random level generation consisting of 2 zones (aiming for 7) with around 5 levels in each one...
  14. N

    Key shortcuts and comfortably

    Hell0 Werld, I am currently making a Platform game and I would like a general discussion between people detailing their preference in Platform controls and quick keys for the following: - Jump - Attack - Health Potion Here are my current controls: - Jump: [UP] - Run: [LEFT/RIGHT] -...
  15. T

     Farside Rpg : Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite

    Hello everyone, My name is Alessandro and I'm 17 years old, I want to make a small game called "Farside Rpg" which is based on a Platformer-Rpg-Roguelite genre. I've already got started on the basics and got a decent tileset going (Spent about 20 hours coding it so far). The inspiration for the...
  16. G

     How Can I Get More People to Check my Game Demo Online?

    I'm working on a game called Immortal that I hope to release on Steam by the end of this year for Early Access. I want to make the best game possible; however, I can hardly find anyone online to try out my demo on Itch, let alone give me feedback to improve my game. I already posted a thread in...
  17. M

    Team Request [TAKEN] Searching for a GameMaker dev who wants to build a plugin

    Hey! I am Mathias, I am a developer at STOMT. We are a small team that has been working on our idea for the last months. STOMT is platform that allows you to collect feedback in-game. For that we've built Unity and Unreal engine integrations and a web widget. The main advantages we are trying...
  18. HW.

    Android The future of apps on Android and Google Play: modular, instant, and dynamic (Google I/O '18)

    In case YoYo team and you, GMS users especially who own mobile module (Android) don't watch it yet, the video could give some feedbacks for YoYo team to improve the GMS2 Mobile Android module and for us to understand the latest news about Android game design, development and publishing to...
  19. zendraw

     [DEMO] Frontline

    >FRONTLINE< [DEMO] Hello everyone. This is my new game that ive worked on in the past few months, or atleast the demo of it. I hope you like it and send me some feedback to impruve it before the final touch and release. What is it about? Frontline is an arcade space shooter with an extra...
  20. H

    Story Suggestion Help

    I am working on a card game in some way similar to Magic the Gathering (MtG). But it is one character fighting another, kind of like Street Fighter with cards, so no creature combat. Given that I cannot assume the game would be hugely popular as it is an indie title at the end of the day, I...