1. FeetUpGaming

     Feature request. Asset notes

    Hey, i have been using Game Maker Studio 2 for clients and one thing when working with them that i find challenging is knowing where all the assets go and what they're for. I would love to see a feature to add small notes to assets (Graphics, Sounds, Scripts. Etc) that would be useful for teams...
  2. Daniel Mallett

    Discussion Event headings feature request

    I'm repeating what has been posted a couple of times before because it was suggested the more people request a feature the more likely it will happen. As you can in the image below you can change the default event headings. Can we add a different field for each event? Can the formatting be...
  3. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2.3+ Where to post feature requests?

    Is there an official link for sending feature requests? I was going to use the bug-report form, but it's a dead link: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/report-bug Here's my feature request: "Need a Steam API call that counts total leaderboard entries"...
  4. Pedro Jones

    iOS iOS large memory usage

    My game is very optimized and it doesn’t have any memory leaks on Android, but on IOS (with Xcode 11) it constantly receive memory warnings and after a while it closed. I checked the memory usage of my game with the debug tools and I got the next results: 39 MB of memory usage for Android and...
  5. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Clicking/Text Output/Input?

    Hi. I wanna make a automatic clicker program [autoClicker] (if you don't know what they are look them up) combined with an autoType feature The autoType would work like this: Say you have discord open, and you have the program running. You would activated the program And it would ask you what...
  6. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE Is there a way to add a new option into F4 script editor?

    So, is there any way to add a new option in the F4 dropdown? For example, I would like to create some "pre-made chunks of code", and then adding those to the drop-down. This would be useful in some scenarios, for example: writing a new particle type, where the header of the code is pretty...
  7. Jack S

    Discussion GMS does gamma all wrong

    Read the source for in depth discussion as to the details and what it should be doing. (http://blog.johnnovak.net/2016/09/21/what-every-coder-should-know-about-gamma/) The short of it is GMS functions internally treating all sprites as sRGB data - which is well and fine until we start trying...
  8. Carloskhard

    Discussion [Feature Request]

    I will add here the features I think GM2 needs and you can also comment and like the request you think are necessary or would be good: -When adding a description for an event delete the need of adding @description, since GM1 didn't need it and it was better. -Add tabs for step event for people...
  9. zendraw

    Game Mechanics Q:Fast collision system & FCS compatibility mode

    Can someone enlighten me to these ticks? like what functions they cover and how they change them? or any useful info about them? Im asking becouse i almost dont use the collision functions, perhaps place_meeting and instance_playce/position sometimes. but im working more and more on custom...
  10. Alon Dan

    Windows Clean Recent Projects ?

    Hello All, :) As I'm very new to Game Maker Studio 2, I create lots of temporary / test projects to experiment. The thing is that now when I open GMS2 my recent projects is flooded with many "tests" that even I can't follow with all the weird names I gave. Just to be clear, my naming for each...
  11. E

    Question - IDE Pallet Resource?

    So I was just reading some docs for GMS2, and I noticed that in the "editors" section there was a topic about palettes. I would assume that it's not supposed to be there and is gonna be a new feature sometime in the future?
  12. M

    Discussion Feature request: [Reload Source Image] and [Auto Insert Spaces]

    HI! I'd like to see two following features included in the GameMaker2 Reload Source Image(s) button for a sprite(s) This button will import the same image used in current sprite using its last import settings was it a usual Import, Import Images or Import Strip Image. I don't like that if I...
  13. Samuel Venable

    HTML5 WebGL is Required to run this application.

    Hello everyone. Last I checked, "required" is not a proper noun, so therefore, the "r" should be lowercase. Am I the only one who wants to be able to change this screen to my liking? Without being able to modify it, it just screams "made with GM", which is just tacky, just like in the GM 8.1...
  14. M

    GMS 2 Suggestion: object_is_ancestor expansion

    I'd like to recommend a third argument for this function: bool checkChain If true, checks along the entire hierarchy chain for the specified object as a parent. Here's an example usage case: obj_Entity obj_Shootable obj_Turret Say I have a turret, and many of its variables are defined in...
  15. Zefyrinus

    GameMaker Studio

    I was recommended by someone to get GameMaker Studio, because currently I have version 6.1. So I looked at http://www.yoyogames.com/get, and I'm wondering about the features that the free version doesn't have. Could someone please explain to me what the features listed on that page, and which...