feature request

  1. Gunnar the Clovis

    Feature Request: CTRL+M/U Hotkey to Fold/Unfold Asset Groups in Asset Browser

    Hey, simple hotkey feature request self-explanatory in the title: When in the Asset Browser of the General IDE, CTRL+M folds / collapses all asset folders (asset groups) CTRL+U unfolds / expands all asset folders (asset groups) These hotkeys already exist for folding / unfolding all code...
  2. H

    GMS 2.3+ Using sequence editor for RPG cutscenes

    Hi all, I'm working with a team on what is essentially a JRPG and we've decided to rebuild our cutscene engine using the sequence editor because of the great visual feedback while developing instructions to all of your NPCs and environment objects - we have people working on it that work much...
  3. F

    GMS 2.3+ The Possibility to react to Breakpoints && Conditional Breakpoints

    I would like to request a way to check if in debug mode the game has stopped on a breakpoint. The reason why I need this is because I have timers, that are updated every step, using the time the last step took. When the game stops on a breakpoint, the time passed I needed for debugging is added...
  4. WilloX

    GMS 2.3+ Pre-Create-Variables (just a thing i wish implemented)

    Hi, so one thing that bothers me a bit with GML is that by creating an instance there is no (easy / reliable / known to me) way to set variables before the create event is executed. I would have no problem with the work around var inst instance_create_depth(x, y, 0, obj_test); inst.spd = 2...
  5. Kaliam

     (Feature Request 2.3+) Better .swf flash conversion using seqences

    Hello! I am currently doing work for a team which is converting some older flash products to different platforms. As most of you probably know, flash is being phased out of all major web browsers due to adobe ending security updates for the software. This is where gamemaker comes in...
  6. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2.3+ Where to post feature requests?

    Is there an official link for sending feature requests? I was going to use the bug-report form, but it's a dead link: https://accounts.yoyogames.com/report-bug Here's my feature request: "Need a Steam API call that counts total leaderboard entries"...
  7. swonqi

    Discussion Feature Request: Expand/Collapse room editor Layer list

    Similar to the button in the Recource window, could we have a similar 'Expand/Collapse all' button for the Layers in the room editor? Seems like a small thing but we use over 20 Layers in our rooms, and the list is expanded by default - which makes things way too complicated.
  8. C

    Discussion Feature request - Shortcut keys for moving back and forth between Sprite Editor frames

    Hello, I just want to strongly suggest that a shortcut for selecting previous and next frames be implemented. Having to move your hand/cursor away from the editing area just to scrub the timeline is a brutal oversight. When you want to quality control areas down to the pixel, this results in...
  9. tagwolf

     Feature Request: svg File Import

    Please add svg graphics import to GMS2. It currently only supports swf files for vector sprites which is not supported by default in photoshop, inkscape, etc. This means if I want vector graphics I essentially have to use unity for my project or specify simple images entirely in code using draw...
  10. D

    HTML5 Readable meta comments and strings in .js file

    I just realized the 'gamename.js' file exported with the HTML5 build doesn't strip out meta comments (like ///@description, ///@param, etc) and it doesn't obfuscate strings in general, leaving a lot of readable content like resource names, logs, translations, urls, and other potential sensible...
  11. K

     Execute multiple events in one script

    One of the few things GML doesn't have over other languages is the ability to write multiple events in one script, which would make it so much easier to write modulable scripts. Example : I am writing a playerAttack script, which includes the create event, step event, a animation end, an...
  12. B

    Android GMS 2 Reduces extensions support? Why?

    Hello! Me and all my collegues are widely using extensions in GMS1.4. Yesturday our boss bought a licence for GMS2 so we could start moving into it. Sadly I found that after importing a gms1.4 project all MACROS stopped working in all extensions and I see no options make it work. Therefore all...
  13. A

    Question - IDE [Feature Request] Show variables in room editor

    Hello, In a recent release you add a useful feature : the option to edit instance variables in room editor. I think a handy new feature would be to add options to show this value in room editor (like "hiden"/"showed when mouse over"/"pined"). Thanks !
  14. Kaliam

     The default organization of the object event tab needs reworked...

    Quite simply put, this is something that has been on my nerves for a while, and it seems like it should be a simple change. The default order of object events in the editor is pretty poor/nonsensical, it should be reorganized to better reflect the order in which events are executed. This would...
  15. T

    Audio effects suggestion!

    It doesn't seem like audio is even considered in future updates other than small things like generators and sample editors. I noticed that many game engines have more complex audio mixers that allow adding effects like EQ, LowPass, HighPass, Chorus, Reverb, etc. All of that is supported by...
  16. S

    Discussion Skip events on Layer (A pause feature)

    A suggestion for a new feature in Game Maker Studio 2 The ability to enable and disable (or skip over) certain events of instances in a layer. Why? Recently when researching and implementing my own pause function I noticed that its a topic many struggle with. It seem that pausing your game...
  17. Rekenq

     [Feature Request] Event description override

    It would be awesome if the description of an event could be kept when overriding said event in a child class. That way I wouldn't have to rewrite the description for every child object on every event that needs to be overridden. P.S. This is my first time posting so I'm not sure if I'm doing in...
  18. Carloskhard

    Discussion [Feature Request]

    I will add here the features I think GM2 needs and you can also comment and like the request you think are necessary or would be good: -When adding a description for an event delete the need of adding @description, since GM1 didn't need it and it was better. -Add tabs for step event for people...
  19. W

    Windows New Feature Request for GMS2

    It would make development faster if you could [Drag-and-Drop] an item from Sprites down to Objects and GMS2 would create an object from that Sprite. :-)
  20. W

     Instance parenting feature request

    Any chance of adding an instance parenting feature to the room editor/runner? I know you can do this now via code by spawning child instances from the parent and storing their id's in a data structure but if you're doing all that then whats the point of having a room editor? I suggest managing...