1. kraifpatrik

    Released BBMOD - Render professional 3D graphics in your GM games!

    BBMOD BBMOD is a collection of tools and libraries specially crafted for rendering professional 3D graphics in GameMaker Studio 2. Contents BBMOD CLI - a command line interface for converting common model formats into BBMOD through the command line. Powerful GML library for easy loading and...
  2. D

    Game Maker and file extensions

    Hello there! I'm wondering whether I can import 3D model in .fbx format and attach necessary animations in the same format as well in GM. How do you import this kind of stuff and combine it?
  3. H

    Shaders [SOLVED] Is this where I use vertex buffers?

    I'm messing around with the FBX SDK and I was just wondering how I was supposed to render the models. My assumption is that it will be rendered by a shader and the documentation for GMS mentions that vertex buffers are used for this. So is the basic idea that I just fill the vertex buffer with...