1. Misu

    The best meme of the 10's

    Throughout the decade we have encountered so much memes. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some made us toxic. In the end, it made our decade and it defined what culture it had. My personal favorites was steamed hams and ultra instinct Shaggy. I dunno why but it got me hooked up for a...
  2. Phil Bod

    Free Make a GameMaker game a favorite of the week...

    Hello, I need the support of the community... Vote PhilGood for the favorite of the week on "thegdwc" Very simple : 1 link: http://thegdwc.com and 1 click. Thank you all for your support.
  3. giraffeman210

    Need input! Which of these 8-bit themes are your favorite?

    Hello! For my game Score Attack Ninja 2 I made four 8-bit stage themes. I want one to be used for a game play video for the game but don't know which one turned out the best. Here is a link to the stage themes on YouTube: If you wouldn't mind giving them a listen and commenting your favorite...
  4. TWSICommunity

    What kinds of movies do you guys like.

    Movies I like are well The fox and the hound 1 & 2, balto, 101 dalmatians and possibly Alpha and omega movies. But those are just my favorite things in a off topic :)