1. A

    GML Speeding up cutscenes/gameplay event coding

    Hey guys. I'm making a game that is based on missions, during which I have to control things such as enemy behaviours, dialogues, cutscenes, ecc. Hello :) I am making a game that has alot of missions and cutscenes. The way I code them right now is by having the main mission script with a...
  2. 3

    Shaders How Much Can the GPU Handle in 3 Dimensions?

    Relatively quick question, in the process of drawing 3d models i normally, map out a .obj file to their corresponding; v (x,y,z) , vt (u,v,w) , vn (i,j,k); vertex position in 3d space ,xyz, vertex texture in 2d space with w for mapping ,uvw, and vertex normal for lighting ,ijk,. I've gotten...
  3. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 True Diagonal Movement (going faster issue)

    GM Version: Studio (all) Target Platform: Windows Download: see video Links: N/A Summary: Here's a quick tutorial for basic movement. The main point of the video is making it so you move at a constant speed no matter what direction you're going in. Please lemme know if this helped anyone out...
  4. P

    GMS 2 I Need Help Changing Sprites When Moving Left Or Right!

    Hello GM Community I Am Working On An Indie Game and I Know I Shouldn't Just Ask For Code But I Have Watched Countless Videos. So Basically I Have Two Sprite Run Animations One For Walking Left And One For Walking Right, and I Do Not Just Want To Flip The Sprite Because My Character Is Holding A...
  5. M

    Android Random spawn distance problem

    Okay, so i have made a spawner that spawns different objects. When the spawn they all go in the same direction with the same space between the objects in one line. When one of the spawned objects are hit all the objects ar going faster (still good). But when the objects are getting faster...
  6. P

    Faster Saving

    Howdy. My game is starting to become quite large and the rooms take the longest time to save out of all of the assets. So I'm wondering if there is a way to only change the assets that have had any changes made to them when saving the game rather than all of them. Other ways to reduce save time...