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  1. Mana


    Hello! I'm working in a game called Revi, a farming game. I want it to be something simple yet enjoyable like the firsts harvest moon (game boy). Since I'm not much skilled in art (and don't have much time either) I think the game will have just 1 season. (I'm thinking of lauching it at...
  2. RefresherTowel

    Floramancer - Stardew Valley meets Heroes of Might and Magic

    Floramancer A farming sim where the fruits of your labour can go to war! Take a dash of Stardew Valley and a pinch of Heroes of Might and Magic, add a few gallons of secret sauce, mix it well in your Cauldron and taste. Oooh, It tastes like Floramancer, a turn-based strategy\farming sim...
  3. Mana

    Windows Farm simulator

    Yoo Saturday update. Well this one is really simple. All I did this week was training the tree sprite when I got some time avaiable. I assume I procastinated at the beginning of the week XD But I did't have much time since hm.. Wednesday. I can't post images since I can't use the computer (I'm...
  4. Michael Bateman

    HTML5 Veggie Patch - Optimised to play on any device

    Play Now - on any device in browser - Click Here Hi all, I recently participated in my first jam - GMC Jam 3! In it I made Veggie Patch. This isn't everyone's type of game so apologies if you hate it :) My wife loved it though - and she isn't a gamer at all! Veggie Patch is a farming sim...
  5. K

    Harvest moon/SDvalley is GM a good choice?

    I want to make a game that's in the same vein/style as harvest moon and stardew valley. This is one of my all time favorite game types, and sink stupid hours into them. I am new to game making but do have a basic working knowledge of game design having a small past in late high school working...
  6. Lukan

    Beta Homestead [Windows|Steam]

    Get Farmin': GameJolt Itch.io Steam Made by Lukan With help from Ninety and Kepons Latest Release: 2020 Windows and Ubuntu builds available Windows 7+ required(Vista may work, not tested) Ubuntu Builds have been discontinued currently Current Features Grow, tend, and sell crops for cash Raise...