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  1. Mana

    Windows Farm simulator

    Yoo Saturday update. Well this one is really simple. All I did this week was training the tree sprite when I got some time avaiable. I assume I procastinated at the beginning of the week XD But I did't have much time since hm.. Wednesday. I can't post images since I can't use the computer (I'm...
  2. LittleAngel

    Steam Mama Farm

    Mama Farm is a casual time management game for PC. Made with Game Maker! Help Mimi the young farmer apprentice to manage the farm while her parents are away. This is not going to be as easy as it seems: there's a lot of work, and some undesirables may make your work tougher than expected ! The...
  3. D

    Android Harvest Master: Farm Sim [Free/Paid]

    Hiya! I'm a long-time user of Game Maker and just a couple of months ago finished a game inspired by Harvest Moon. Just recently I decided to make an ad-supported for free with only a few limitations. My game is on Android and I'm currently trying to get it onto Steam. Harvest Master: Farm Sim...
  4. M

    Android Furious Farm (action)

    Furious Farm There it is! My new mini game made in game maker. Hope some of you will like it! Animals gone crazy! Defend yourself against your own farm. Animals gone crazy! Maybe it is because of this outdated feed, which you gave them yesterday? But there's no time to think. Grab your...