1. T

     The Last Defender [Tower-defense Survival]

    Hey there! I am Tobias Brugel, and this is the project I am currently working on. About The Game The game is an apocalyptic tower defense survival game (wow, that's a mouth full :3). The game is about a little guy who woke up to notice that an apocalypse took place over night. He is the last...
  2. M

     Kingdom Bash™ - A fresh take on classic friendship-ruining party multiplayer action

    Kingdom Bash™ is a fantasy action game for up to 4 players. Developed as a love letter to classic games, with the intention of bringing back couch multiplayer. Throw a party and encourage friends as they demolish each other in fast-paced multiplayer. Designed to be easy to learn, yet hard to...
  3. D

    Demo The Spell - A Top Down Fantasy Action Game [DEMO]

    The Spell is a fantasy action game that we have been working on for awhile now, and we have just finished our proof-of-concept demo. You play as a wizard taking on an entire castle full of soldiers by himself. He can create fire and wind, throw objects (and enemies) telekinetically, and shoot...
  4. P

     Legends of Antur

    Hello, I'm looking for feedback on my WIP freeware project Legends of Antur (working title). So far I have character movement, animations and a some basic systems set up(health, score, live). I also have quite bit of environmental assets in place. I've included a link for anyone interested in...
  5. T

    The 8-bit's [Hack'n'slash adventure game]

    This is a project I have been working on for a while now. I actually had a lot finished but wasn't really happy about the result and canceled it. Later on I started from scratch with the same idea but with a new art style and better system. The game has 3 stages for now but a lot more are coming...
  6. Mario Parmesan

    Portfolio - Audio Fantasy / Action Orchestral Music

    Hey guys, I'm Mario and I'm looking for new opportunities to collaborate with game developers and such through music. I'm very new to collaboration and haven't been involved in anything yet but I have composed a few things to give an idea of what I'm capable of. Preferably I like to compose...