1. N

    Asset - Project Lucid Engine - Pseudo 3D for GMS2

    Asset Store Link https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7494/lucid-engine-pseudo-3d Overview Lucid is for making 3d worlds using 2d art in GMS2. The project includes a variety of scripts intended to simplify the development experience and hide away the rendering logic, so that devs can focus...
  2. Gizmo199

    [SOLVED] - Depth issues with camera rotation

    ^^^ The above is a video of the issue I am having ^^^ SOLUTION BELOW Issue: So the issue I am having is that I am trying to sort each object via its depth to be either in front or behind objects near them. Much like the isometric / RPG trick: depth = -y What I have tried: So here are some...
  3. csanyk

    Asset - Extension z3d engine

    Z3D Engine is a fake-3d engine designed for simplicity, efficiency, performance, and ease of use. Z3D engine provides position, motion, collision detection, and depth sorting/draw order for your 2.5D games. Suitable for games where you have a static, 3/4 view of the world, where the side and top...