fake 3d

  1. Moon Goat

    Asset - Demo Don't Starve pseudo-3D engine

    Available on the YoYo Games Marketplace. Requires GameMaker Studio 2 v2.3 and up. Have you ever wanted to create a game that looked like Don't Starve, with all it's pseudo-3D goodness? Well now you can! The Don't Starve pseudo 3D engine will give you everything you need to get started on...
  2. CrunchCaptain

    Portfolio - Art Looking For Work Or Collaboration

    Hello GM Forums! I have been working in GameMaker trying to make my own games for years now. I have only taught myself code and followed along with YouTube and Udemy videos/courses, but my passion is the look and feel of the game! I have a completely open schedule due to circumstances, so if...
  3. helpless_coder

    GMS 2 Most optimized way of defining planes that store coordinates?

    You're probably confused by the title, it's a bit tricky to explain. I'm drawing 3d squares at different distances, and I need a way to store all the information for each plane of the square. So essentially I want to store planes in an array. These planes are defined by four points, in addition...
  4. helpless_coder

    GMS 2 How can I determine distances in fake 3d?

    [CLOSED] Got help from the Math discord, and they came up with this solution: if (relative != noone) { var start_point = argument1; var end_point = argument2; var input = argument3 if (input > 100) input = 100; else if (input < -100) input = -100; var distance =...
  5. Gizmo199

    3D How do vertex buffers handle the 'z' in vertex_position_3d? [GMS2]

    I posted this on the sub-reddit but I figured id try here as well: So I have a vertex buffer drawing a bunch of sprites that are stacked one on top of the other in a vertex buffer. Each sprite has a "height" that I put into the vertex_position_3d 'z' function. Now everything within the vertex...
  6. N

    Legacy GM [Solved]Player not orbiting as intended

    Hello, I have made a project in which the world can be rotated 90° Left or Right by pressing the Left and Right Arrowkeys. I want the objects to stay at their positions so they have to rotate/orbit arround the center point. This does work with the big red house and the world itself. I achieved...
  7. Sozidar

    GMS 2 Fake 3D Depth Sorting Riddle

    Since fake 3D is harsh on fps I've made so every world chunk generates one huge surface with all of the objects inside it, instead of drawing every object separately. It reduced draw calls by a lot, but now I am out of ideas on how to draw moving objects under or above some of the static fake 3d...
  8. Edwin

    Help me figuring out how to place object relative to player position and its start position.

    Hello, people. I'm trying to make Castle Crashers like movement by creating a ground objects (slope, basic blocks, etc.) and moving them into player's vertical position every tick but they should move relative to their position too, not only the player position, otherwise they will aligh in the...
  9. Z

    Depth Problem With Z Axis [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone ! I'm still struggling with my depth system for my top-down game in "fake" 3D. So, here's the situation : I set a z axis for "height" and created several collisions objects for my different levels. (My levels are based on a 32 pix height per "z unity") My depth system's like depth =...
  10. Zack

    GMS 2 A beginner's intro to the fun of sine waves: giving sprites fake 3D effects

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 1.4 and GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: An easy-to-digest introduction and tutorial to sine waves, intended for beginners. I show how we can use this powerful, yet simple, trig function to give coins and other sprites fake...
  11. kuangluzhang

    GMS 2 [help] How to use draw_line make a Scrolling 80's Retro Neon Grid?

    I want to make a menu background just like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon,and i have already been trying for a few days,but i just can't figure it out! I think my code is really awful. now i have two problems wan't to figure out. 1. i was using code like this to draw vertical lines // draw vertical...
  12. T

    GMS 2 Fake 3d Collision in Beat 'Em Up

    In the beat 'em up I'm making, I have a variable (z) that I use to give the illusion of things rising up off of the ground ( This should give you the idea: https://yal.cc/top-down-bouncing-loot-effects/ ). The problem I've encountered is in trying to add basic collisions on this axis. What I...
  13. trentallain

    GMS 2 [solved] Barrel roll and rotating view.

    How do I create a barrel roll animation and rotate the view but not the player for this scenario? In gms 1.x you could do: d3d_transform_set_rotation_y(variable); d3d_transform_add_translation(x,y,0); draw_sprite(spr_card,variable_two,0,0); d3d_transform_set_identity(); Which would basically...
  14. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Fake 3D Asset for GMS2?

    I've been using a fake 3d marketplace asset in Game Maker Studio 1.4. However, it's a pain to add the asset into GMS2 and change a ton of code to make it work. Does anyone know of a (top down) fake 3d marketplace asset for GMS2? I've searched and searched and came up empty. Thanks!
  15. R

    Legacy GM I Need Help With Fake 3D 2D First Person Engine

    I have been working on just the fake 3D engine of my game for days now and can't seem to create the view in the video below. I think I have figured out how to scale the sprites correctly. I can't seem to figure out how to rotate the world sprites. I can only slide world sprites on the x axis to...
  16. amusudan

    Legacy GM 2.5D (Fake 3D) physics..

    I'm currently developing a 2.5D game and am currently implementing classes, the class I am supposed to do now has a grenade ability. now I don't want grenades to just fly like bullets but bounce around after being thrown. Is there any extension that handles this? Otherwise I think I would have...
  17. Khao

    Parallax Scrolling experiment

    I came up with a "different" way of approaching parallax scrolling this morning, one that deals with individual objects rather than backgrounds and layers. Basically, each object calculates the position it should draw itself by checking its distance to the center of the screen and its direction...
  18. L

    Fake 3D Top Down Engine. Where is it??

    I remember I used a fake top down engine which was made by TheSnidr, i think so. If any one has it, please send me. I think he removed it from old forums. If anyone has better alternatives please suggest.