fail to launch.

  1. dyh

    Linux Ubuntu Release - Game works, Achievements work, but Steam Play button doesn't

    Hello everyone Somehow I managed to get my game running from my PC in the Ubuntu 18.04.2 Virtual Machine ( You can see how I did it in my last thread ). The achievements are also activating while I'm connected to my Steam account through the app. However I can only open the game by running the...
  2. YoSniper

    Legacy GM Program won't execute (no error message)

    Starting today, when I click the green arrow to run the executable, the compiler goes through all of the steps (writes all the chunks) but when it gets to the point where it runs the game, no game window appears. There is no error message to accompany this, and the program was working fine this...
  3. C

    UWP UWP Games don't start

    Hi, I'm wondering if anybody is/was facing the same issue as mine. After a lot of issues compiling games using the UWP target, I was finally able to do it successfully. Problem comes when opening the UWP app, the game window opens for a few seconds but suddenly closes with no error displayed...
  4. S

    Windows Cook, Serve, Delicious! from the new Humble Bundle won't compile

    I wanted to mess around a bit with the Cook, Serve, Delicious! source code which came with the new Humble GameMaker Bundle, but it simply won't compile and it doesn't seem to have any reason for not working. Here's the entire Compile log: (with my name removed)...
  5. D

    Legacy GM Runner Fails to Open

    When I press the green button/f5, the runner never pops up. When I run debug, the runner crashes. I have not successfully run my game yet. It fails to work on an empty project as well. I am running Windows 10, 8GB RAM, with Nvidia 940MX Graphics with 2GB of VRAM. I have DirectX 12. GM:Studio...