fade in transition

  1. FloresSottile

    Smooth fade in/out for background change

    I'm using GM 1.4 and I'd like to know if there's some cool way to change backgrounds by index without having them added in the room, because I'm trying to work with more than 8 backgrounds (which is how many one can add to the room) and my intention is to keep the same room for those...
  2. Edwin

    GML Any ideas how to implement this?

    Hello, people. I have simple fade effect object that creates a black rectangle sized to room's width and height. When it's alpha equals to 1 I need to call a user defined event but with specially modified code. I do not want to create new child objects, so how do I do this? For example like...

    Legacy GM error with fade in and out

    hey yall, i was following great gamemaker user about fade in and out on rooms, and it worked for the most part, yes the player goes to the next room and yes it fades in and out but but before entering the next room my character position is set before I'm actually in the room. he plays fine when...
  4. E

    I need help with making game transitions

    Hi there! I'm a experienced drag and drop developer but, I'm new to coding on Game maker studio 1.4. Can anyone please tell me how to do a fade out transition? Here is what i want; If (player) on collision with (object) > fade in (go to room game over) Code I tried to do (but did not work) {...