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  1. P

    GMS 2 Facebook dialogue open in app?

    Hi all, I've been programming my mobile game to make use of Facebook sharing. I'm using the Facebook dialogue function, and I've managed to get it working, but I have one major concern: the function opens the default browser on my mobile device. I would like it to open the Facebook mobile app...
  2. Kaguva

    Android Can You Find the Panda?

    Can You Find The Panda? Is a hidden object game where you have a limited time to find the Panda in a sea of snowmen. Level up and gain top place on the global high score charts Play solo, online with your friends or VS the world! Play it on Android Facebook GameMaker Assets in this game...
  3. L

    Question - General Facebook SDK Extension?

    Hi there, Is there an extension available of the official Facebook SDK? Would be great to use it to for mobile attribution. Thank you, LK
  4. A

    iOS Do you need an extension for Facebook for GMS2

    Do you need an extension for Facebook for GMS2? I Know you needed it for GMS1.4 but I am unable to locate a version of the extension for 2 online, so I was wondering if its even required.
  5. S

    Facebook Leaderboard ds_map / ds_list?

    Is there anyone that could help me figure out how to read and sort the facebook leaderboard? I have tried all kind of ds_map / ds_list, but i cant figure it out? This is how the response map looks like: { "data": [ { "score": 99, "user": { "name": "Donna sparw"...
  6. sercan

    Android Facebook login and leaderboards.

    Hi, I see in many games that you can login with your facebook account and see what score your facebook friends have. And in some of them if you are just on your friends high score point in game, a sign is appearing with your friends' profile picture that shows you are just beating it. How can...
  7. Erayd

    Android Android outputs creating new system drives

    For the last week or so, every time I work with android, something new and nearly explainable happens. So far I've figured everything out, however I have yet to understand why Game Maker Studio 2 keeps creating copies of the drives on my system, referencing them and then saving files to them. I...
  8. Anuj Raghav

    Android facebook not working

    latest facebook extention from marketplace not working with current build of gms2 on android start clean project import extention for facebook enable facebook in game settings and provide app id etc then just compile its not compiling have tried several sdk combos with min- max sdk...
  9. A

    Opinion Start a conversation with somebody online, recently online, or offline for over an hour?

    This has absolutely nothing to do with game dev or even gaming, but Reddit is run by bots that keep deleting this topic for some reason, even though it clearly doesn't break any rules. So, you want to talk to somebody on Facebook messenger or whatever, and you check to see whether they're...
  10. E

    Facebook Graph API... Please help!

    Hey everyone! So, I'm trying to get the facebook API to grab a profile picture, which I got working excelently! However, the photo is 50x50... I need something bigger, I tried adding all sorts of things to the graph request to no avail. Any ideas? Here's what I tried: var pm =...
  11. Underground

    Question - IDE Facebook extension don't works on runtime (both iOS and Android)

    I'm testing some projects and realize that there is some issues with the Facebook extension. ANDROID: Project doesn't builds, launch an error, here is the complete output log: iOS: Project builds to xcode, but trying to run it there is a File not found error regarding the facebook...
  12. S

    Android Facebook - wall post

    Hi all I have installed the facebook extension and created a fb app. In the control Object I have inserted this code: facebook_init(); var permissions = ds_list_create(); ds_list_add(permissions,"public_profile", "user_friends"); facebook_login(permissions, fb_login_default)...
  13. J

    Android Question Facebook Sharing Tool

    Is there any extension (or tool) that allows you to share an image to Facebook and returns if it was successfully shared and it's visibility (only me / friends / public)? I would like to give my players Gems for sharing. PS: I might be posting in the wrong section. Sorry for any inconvenience...
  14. B

    Android Can GMS2 be advertised on Facebook?

    Can GMS2 be advertised on Facebook? I need a Facebook sdk to advertise and analyze my game on Facebook. I know that social features work. Does Facebook Ad Analysis work?
  15. H

    Facebook graph request - Please help!

    Hi all, I'm trying to get facebook user details with Facebook function facebook_graph_request Its all ok, except two things: 1. How to get an user's email? because facebook_graph_request("me?fields=email", "GET", -1, UserMap); seems not working. 2. What is the number "7" means, which FB...
  16. S

    Facebook pay per download integration

    I just realized that this is the wrong sub-forum I would be grateful if a moderator/admin could move it to the programming area I wanted to advertise my android app on facebook. The problem is they are telling me I have to integrate their sdk, so far no problem I integrated the extension from...
  17. ShubhamBansod

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced [13 years] GML programmer available for hire

    Hi, I'm Shubham Bansod, and I'm from India. I'm using Game Maker Studio for the last 13 years, I have made a lot of games using game maker studio! If you are looking for an expert game maker programmer who had a lot of experience, can create a great game you can contact me! I love to work on...
  18. R

    Legacy GM Screenshot sharing

    Can I share screenshots with screen_save (or screen_save_ext) and facebook_dialog() functions combined? How to do this? thx :)
  19. Edu Shola

    Legacy GM HELP - Compile error with facebook extension

    Greetings, I use GMS 1.4.1760, I get this error in my compile window once i import facebook extension to my project, it compiles correctly without facebook functions or its extension. I just published a new game without issues but its without facebook I wonder whats the cause of this error...
  20. J

    Facebook login

    Hi, First time I login to facebook after install the apk everytihing works but when I sign out and try to sign in the login failed. If i close the app and reopen the login failed too. Please help Thanks