1. E

    HTML5 Facebook Playable Ads, problem with textures

    Hello readers, I hope you are having a fine day. I am trying to upload my HTML5 game to create a Facebook Playable Ad and its not working for no reason, so I decided to create a new empty game in an attempt to pin point the problem. The new game which only contains a room and an object that...
  2. Liam Earles

    Beta Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator (2021) - Teaser Trailer #2 + Beta & Demo Download Links

    Check out our new teaser trailer for Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Currently coming in Fall 2021! Music Credits Down Below! Teaser Trailer #2 (Twitter) Game Links Play The BETA on Game Jolt! Play the BETA on itch.io! Game Description: Don't Play Around With The...
  3. E

    Business Facebook

    I searched the internet for instructions on business facebook. Please do not know about the instructions or advice on how to connect business.facebook with GM 2? Thank you
  4. Marko03970

    HTML5 Facebook

    Hi everyone. I have problems with making facebook login and other stuff about login. I used demo I got with extension. I made an app on Facebook for developers, and make it live. But still getting this error: I used app id and enter in game options. I did everything, but somethink is problem...
  5. clee2005

    HTML5 Facebook Instant Games - player photo iOS

    The FBInstantGames extension seems to have a problem (or I do) returning the Photo Url for the player. This function FBInstant.player.getPhoto() works in Android and Web as expected, but when running on an iOS device the function returns undefined. The other functions like...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 Facebook - How to use the chat in Windows?

    I am doing a launcher and would like to integrate Facebook chat into it as well as the friend list and profile info. Is there any way to do this in Windows? (using dll's or http requests) I've already tried: Creating my own chat system using the server in PHP and using HTTP requests, but it...
  7. Mert

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer For Hire - Facebook Instant Games

    Hi. I'm Mert. I have been creating and crafting some extensions and tools for Game Maker for a while now. My entire portfolio is available in my blog. I am ready to serve for your most challenging tasks considering Facebook Instant Games platform. WHAT AM I OFFERING? A fully functional...
  8. pipebkOT

     Please Fix the facebook extension tutorial document

    https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004488072-iOS-Android-and-HTML5-Integrating-Facebook I'm not an expert in coding so correct me if i'm wrong , but i don't think that that's how ds_list_create works problem 1 it gives a wrong number of arguments for function ds_list_create...
  9. White_tea

    Pass a score through Fb_dialog url?

    So, the new Facebook extension has stopped letting you add custom text to the description when letting users post to their wall, now you can only provide a link to a site. So can anyone think of a way to pass a score through a url address? For example...
  10. gdkid

    Android Problem with Facebook Extension - Manifest merger failed with multiple errors

    Hi I'm using the Facebook Extension from Yoyogames, it has the following errors when compiling Manifest merger failed with multiple errors I'm using GMS 1.4, alos use Google Play Services extension. The project runs fine before, but it has error after installing the Facebook Extension...
  11. K

    Legacy GM facebook integration for android output

    Hi, i just finished my first android application ... it works but now i'm interested in a facebook user_id recorvering for letting the player uses his facebook logs for the ingame That's where i start and i don't know where to go i can't find tutorials, or well explained topics on about The...
  12. Speederman

    Facebook Policy Warning

    I've just received this email from Facebook: I'm using last version of Yoyo's Facebook extension (1.2.1) and I don't know what else I can do (and they don't give much time to fix it either)... Please, I need a solution as soon as possible...
  13. D

    Saving Game Progress via Facebook

    Hey Guys, I want to save the game progress between my game versions for iOS/Android/Web. As I understand there should be a server-part where all the game data for each facebook user will be stored. What is the best way to do it? Could you pls recommend me some tutorials/extensions to do that...
  14. Blueoriontiger

    Can GameMaker Studio Handle This?

    Hello there, Name's blueoriontiger. Been poking at GameMaker Studio since I was 19 in various forms, and has been partially responsible for me wanting to making my own games. I recently go a full license of the 1.4 version last year; thanks to the devs for making such an awesome engine. :)...
  15. B

    Facebook multiplayer game? (Without a server)

    I want to make an online multilayer game without any server. I want to be able to show online Facebook friends and connect to them so players can play the game with their FB friends. Is this possible? If so, how?
  16. P

    iOS Facebook Extension analytics discrepancies

    My team and I have partnered with a well known mobile games publisher that uses Facebook analytics (among other analytics software) and we have noticed discrepancies between Facebook analytics and the other analytics software. While GM's Facebook Extensions is out of date, we have updated the...
  17. K

    Facebook score posting with 1.4

    I would love to use GameMaker's Facebook extension in order to post an in-game high score to Facebook from within the game, but I can't seem to find any kind of documentation that pertains to how to do this. Is there a resource somewhere that I'm just not finding? I would love to do this for...
  18. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension InstantGames Facebook

    InstantGames Facebook Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6759/instantgames-facebook Primal category: Extension Price: $99.99 Modules: HTML5 Support: kaguva.games@gmail.com This extension is supported by Game Maker Studio 1.4 and GameMaker Studio 2 contact me at...
  19. Genetix

    Facebook Instant Games

    I've been reading a lot this week about Facebook opening the floodgates to all developers to publish for their instant games. This seems like it has potential to be a huge platform with a tremendous amount of opportunity for many of us here, especially with YoYo making it a relatively simple...
  20. Mert

    Asset - Extension Facebook Profile Loader - Sooo Easy

    Facebook Profile Loader Extension (v1.1.0) I've made it to let you guys retrieve user information easily. 3 functions and you're all ready. Can easily be imported to big/complex games. All you need to do is to create your Facebook App in Facebook Developer panel, add Facebook...