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facebook leaderboards

  1. S

    Facebook Leaderboard ds_map / ds_list?

    Is there anyone that could help me figure out how to read and sort the facebook leaderboard? I have tried all kind of ds_map / ds_list, but i cant figure it out? This is how the response map looks like: { "data": [ { "score": 99, "user": { "name": "Donna sparw"...
  2. E

    Facebook Graph API... Please help!

    Hey everyone! So, I'm trying to get the facebook API to grab a profile picture, which I got working excelently! However, the photo is 50x50... I need something bigger, I tried adding all sorts of things to the graph request to no avail. Any ideas? Here's what I tried: var pm =...
  3. ShubhamBansod

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced [13 years] GML programmer available for hire

    Hi, I'm Shubham Bansod, and I'm from India. I'm using Game Maker Studio for the last 13 years, I have made a lot of games using game maker studio! If you are looking for an expert game maker programmer who had a lot of experience, can create a great game you can contact me! I love to work on...