facebook api

  1. L

    Help add button facebook instant games

    Hello, I'm developing a game for the facebook instant games platform and I need to add a preloader in the using the API. I did everything correctly, but I'm having trouble adding the blue "play now" button (Image: https://imgur.com/a/YmggUIP ) to make the game start only after the user clicks...
  2. Mert

    Asset - Extension Facebook Profile Loader - Sooo Easy

    Facebook Profile Loader Extension (v1.1.0) I've made it to let you guys retrieve user information easily. 3 functions and you're all ready. Can easily be imported to big/complex games. All you need to do is to create your Facebook App in Facebook Developer panel, add Facebook...
  3. P

    Question - Code OG app links

    Hey, Does anyone have any experience using Open Graph app links?
  4. E

    Facebook Graph API... Please help!

    Hey everyone! So, I'm trying to get the facebook API to grab a profile picture, which I got working excelently! However, the photo is 50x50... I need something bigger, I tried adding all sorts of things to the graph request to no avail. Any ideas? Here's what I tried: var pm =...